Sunday, April 1, 2012

Blogging from A to Z

Last night while perusing the internet at 4am I came across a Blogging challenge.
Blogging from A - Z.
The challenge is for the next 26 days or so is to write a blog post using 
a letter of the alphabet as your starting point.  
You can chose a theme if you like or just write what you feel that day.
I'll probably write about quilting or crafts or cooking or my family or my sweet grandbaby.
I even thought that I could find something on my new best friend 
 that would fit into the daily letter.

The first part is writing YOUR blog post
and the second is to visit some of the blogs of the other
people participating!
I believe I was the 1782 person who signed up!
I've got alot of reading to do!

So this is just my little introductory post.
I still have about 4 hours to complete my REAL post for the day......
Starting with the Letter A.

Piecefully yours,

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