Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday is here!

What a wild, wet weather day we had here yesterday!
Arizona had lots of rain, blizzards, flooding and tornados!
The weather people were calling it EPIC!
I was fortunate on two counts..........At my house all
we got was rain and a little wind AND I didn't have to
go anywhere yesterday.
So I stayed home and quilted and cleaned and

These cute little embroideries are from
Anita Goodesign's Loveable package and I think
they will look adorable in a little baby quilt.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Arizona Centenial Quilt Project

Did you know that in February 2012
Arizona will be 100 years old?
What better way to celebrate than to make a quilt?
This quilt is the brainchild of Wanda who has gathered
a large group of quilters together to see this quilt from
a dream in her head to a quilt that someday will have its
home hanging in our State capitol.
I've been working on the design team, something that I have
never been involved in before, and yesterday we met to
finalize the design and draw the patterns.
Here we are hard at work making up the pattern packages.

Look all the way down to the end of the table
and on the wall you can see the very large paper
that has been taped up on the wall and on it are all
of the little tracing paper designs of places of importance
that represent Arizona.

These two pictures are close-ups of
the drawings.

In this drawing you can see Yuma Territorial Prison,
a stage coach, date palms and London Bridge to name a few.
It is going to be so exciting to see the end product after
being involved in the humble beginnings.
This project is really big in scope since Wanda wants quilters
from all over the state to be involved so the quilt is being made
in panels so each panel can travel to various parts of the state.
Pretty cool!
Since the day was so beautiful yesterday Mike and I were
able to get in a 3 mile training hike and when I got home
I was finally able to try out the computer disc in the embroidery
machine and this is what I made:

It is time to start making baby things ya know.
Have I mentioned that I'm going to be a gramma?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Today started out bright and sunny and full of possibilities.

Jazzercise was great and really roomy since the New year resolution

folks are starting to thin out! lol!

Returning home after running several errands I started in working on my computer trying to create a disc from my embroidery files that I could then take and put in the embroidery machine. No luck. Just couldn't figure it out! So I did my version of slamming the computer (gently) shut and vowing that I was FINISHED! So I stomped over to the quilting frames to work on Gale's quilt which I really should have been working on in the first place!!! Right about this time the storm clouds started forming outside and the wind started blowing.

Wouldn't ya know it...........I have bobbin trouble on the quilt machine.

It just wasn't my day. I really wanted to throw in the towel and take a nap!
The rain outside was really coming down now!

But I perservered and unwound the bobbin, rewound it and finished up the quilt.

With one project under my belt I decided to tackle the computer again and this time was also successful! Hurray!

And my reward for these accomplishments was that just about this time Kathy called and was going over to Quiltz. We met up and went together and I was so pleased to have found the perfect fabric to go with the quilt hanging on my design wall.

Here is a picture:

I think it will be just perfect

and I can't wait to work on it!

I finished my day with a nice phone chat with my son,

And one with my mom, and then a drink, dinner and a movie

with my husband.

Farewell for now.........tomorrow is another day.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Another Monday Post!

The weekend was fun-filled starting with Friday.
Carole and Christina have been teaching me the ins and
outs of machine embroidery so I will be teaching them
the ins and outs of longarm machine quilting!
We started this Friday on a Christmas wallhanging.
They did a great job!

We are working on a Christmas panel
and will do a Christmas project once a month
so perhaps we will have some finished projects
before next Christmas rolls around.

Saturday and Sunday were absolutely
beautiful here in Phoenix. On Saturday Mike
and I hiked 7 1/2 miles in Thunderbird Park
in preparation for the 15 mile hike that we are
signed up for NEXT Saturday.
I came home and raked leaves and then took a nap!

On Sunday I trimmed back the flowering bushes
in my front garden, cleaned out all of the leaves
and then planed some pansy's, geraniums and snapdragons.
I figured that the rain they were predicting for this
week would be really good for the new flowers.

Here is my Jenny at 16 weeks.
Her little bump is showing!
AND she thinks that she may just
have felt a little kick this morning.

Have you ever heard of the Wedding Ring
baby gender prediction test?
Well, you take your wedding ring and tie it on
a string and hold it over your tummy.
If the ring sways in a circular pattern then
it is a girl,
If the ring sways back and forth then the baby is a boy.
Well..........unfortunately the ring swayed in a circle and
then back and forth. Guess we'll wait for the ultrasound! LOL!

However the ring was perfectly still for Rafael.
No baby there!

I've got Gail's Football quilt on the frames
right now. Hopefully I'll have that finished

Design Wall Monday

Greetings on this fine rainy day in Phoenix!

It is a perfect day to spend at the longarm quilting away!

Gracing my design wall today is this Maple Island BQ2

which I redesigned to fit a rectangular Lorilie Hairdresser print.
My plan for this quilt is to add some sort of
yellow and red border
and probably a yellow sashing.

Last week my post to Judy's Design Wall Monday disappeared.
I couldn't figure it out until I read that you can only post
a link to THIS page. I guess I did something wrong.
Hopefully I can figure it out today!