Friday, March 9, 2012


Can anyone remember the name of the character that Julia Roberts played in "Pretty Woman"? I've been trying to remember all evening and I just can't seem to remember. Must be getting old......
At any rate, I felt just like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman tonight. Not when she was a hooker on the street corner, or when she was replacing the steaming divits on the polo field, or when she got to go shopping on Rodeo Drive, but when she was wearing that sparkly red dress and the beautiful diamond necklace that came in the blue velvet box. 
Remember when she was sitting up in the balcony seat
listening to the music at the opera?
Well I felt just like that tonight.
I didn't have a sparkly red gown, beautiful diamonds or a balcony seat,
but I was wearing a long sparkly necklace that I got on the clearance rack at Charming Charlies..........
My sweet husband took me to see the broadway show "Wicked" tonight. 
It was my birthday present.
I don't recall ever attending such an amazing show.
We sat in a dark room with 3000 of our closest friends
and when the music started playing and the actors started singing the music started at the tips of my toes and  swirled right up to the top of my head and transported me to another time and place.  The beauty and the talent of the voices blending together made my breath intake sharply and my eyes fill with tears, just like Julia at the opera.  There were high notes that resonated in my soul and low notes that pressed against my chest until I just held my breath.

I think I have a flying monkey on my head!
 In addition to the melodic voices that filled the air, there was a visual feast for the eyes with delightful dancing,
crafted costumes and some pretty fantastic set designs.

And the story........
Such imagination!
It was the story of the Wizard of Oz, but told from the perspective of The Good Witch and Bad Witch.   It was their story....Dorothy and Toto just got a mention.

The orchestra played beautifully.  I kept hearing the run of notes on the clarinet (the instrument I played for 6 years), the high reedy sound of the oboe and the slide of the trombone.  Took me back to my high school days.

I was mesmerized.  Transported.  And it was FUNNY too! 
Would love to watch this over and over and over again.
I so appreciate all of the talent that went into the production of this musical play. 

Thanks to my thoughtful husband for a magical gift. 
I'm going to sleep now...........Hope I get to see the show again in my dreams!

Sweet Dreams,

Monday, March 5, 2012

Design Wall Monday

Happy Monday!
What a great weekend spent with my family!
We celebrated our DIL's birthday with
a homemade pizza party.
I just love rolling out that homemade dough and making
my own little pizza!

While it was a great weekend I was happy to
get back to my studio this morning and work on a
couple of projects that I have going.
Below you will see 2 t-shirt quilts that are in progress.

Yes, this one is a t-shirt quilt.
Since I do alot of t-shirt quilts and I really hate
to discard any useful fabric, I have alot of
large squares of t-shirt backs.
About a year ago I thought that I would try to do
some embroidery on those squares and
lo and behold they turned out great!
I framed those squares today with fabric
and now I'm stuck.
I'm not happy with the size and it
obviously needs something else.
Maybe another frame around each one?
And a border fabric?
Or should I embroider 3 more squares to make
it a rectangle instead of a square quilt?
Any comments would be appreciated..........

Another t-shirt quilt in progress is this one filled
with sports shirts. 
This one is for a customer who is having me make it for her son
out of his pre-high school shirts. 
This young man came over to choose the shirts he wanted included
and I was impressed with his thoughtful creative choices
and very polite manner.

Here is our littlest pizza maker.
She did a fantastic job working her dough
and was very serious about it!
I predict a love of cooking in her future.

Enjoy your week,