Monday, April 2, 2012

Design Wall Monday

Revisiting my Design wall today is the Pink Floyd t-shirts 
that I am making a quilt out of for my brother in Oregon.
I've had these shirts for many years.
He is probably wondering if he is EVER going to see a quilt
made from them!

I guess what is holding me up is the two large 
"The Wall" shirts.
Just can't decided on how I want to design the quilt.
I've recently seen a really cool t-shirt quilt design and
have been thinking how I could incorporate
the design ideas into this quilt.
I would post a picture
but alas the photo is on my phone and I
have not uploaded it here yet.
I'll have to do that later and update this page.

That's all for now.
Too bad this isn't the "D" day for my
A-Z Challenge.
Guess I'll be back with my "B" post later!

Have a Blessed day!


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