Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I had a dear friend come over today to give me some pointers on organization. I REALLY need to get my quilt studio organized. Sometimes it is hard to work because I don't have my "things" where they should be and I spend alot of time looking for things I need. She gave me some great ideas............now I just need to DO IT!

At our FNQ meeting on Friday night we celebrated the birthdays of
two of our members. I made them each an embroidered apron.

Kerry's says "Sizzlin' Hot Mama"

and Dolly's says " Dinner is on ME!"
So now I"m off to start quilting a quilt that needs to be done
so the maker can put it in the quilt show. I need to get it done so
she will have time to do the binding before the show.
THEN I need to start implementing some of the changes I need to
do in my studio to get it organized!