Tuesday, April 3, 2012

C is for Choices

Hmmmmmm..............should I write about Crafting and Crochet?  Cleaning and clutter?
Cooking and cake pops?  Oh my goodness.............Choices are So Hard!

There are so many things that I am interested in learning and doing 
that there are NEVER enough hours in the day to do them.  

Crochet.........I've recently picked up my Crochet hook again and have
been add Cute little Crochet edges to blankets and waterproof pads.
I am loving this!  So relaxing to do at night while watching a show.
Starting to Crochet again was sparked by a visit to a Project Linus
blanket bee were ladies donate quilts, afghans and fleece trimmed in
a pretty crochet edge.   These blankets are given to Children to Comfort them in times of Crisis.  

Cake Pops.......my sweet mom bought me a BabyCakes for my birthday
this year.  BabyCakes is like a waffle iron.  There are 12 little round holes
in which you put 1 tsp of cake batter, close the lid, and in 4 minutes you have
Cake pops!  They are they perfect little bite-sized treat.  Yummilicious!

Bakerella makes some really cool cake pops, but she uses crumbled up cake and mixes it with icing to form her cake pops.  I like having the cake only cake pop and adding some icing to them.  Who needs more icing? Right?  

I've been hearing some really strange noises in my attic lately.
Like loud thumps!  Mike will go outside and look and see nothing.
Well this weekend he went out during the day and found THIS:
We had our roof replace quite some time ago and they left this part of our roof/attic exposed!!!!!
Hope they come back to fix it or we will need a Carpenter!

Brought to you by the letter C.
Crummy at them!
Maybe tomorrow I should think about Decisions and Decisiveness.

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  1. Choice is a great choice for the letter c. That cake pop thingy looks interesting. Gonna have to check it out. Thanks for sharing.