Sunday, April 1, 2012

A is for April, applique, and aprons

April 1, 2012
In my house April 1 is APRIL FOOL'S DAY!
For the first time in I can't remember when my husband did not play an April fool's trick!
He has really pulled some good ones over the years.... the time he set all the clocks up one hour and I took the kids to school early.  
Or the time he turned off the water main to the house!
He's a trickster.
One of my best friends called me today and told me that 
they were putting their house up for sale and moving to be closer to
their kids...........I bought it hook, line and sinker!
I've always been a gullible sort.
Look at me!
I completed my April Calendar block right on schedule!
I pieced, appliqued and quilted this block just today.
Now I'm all set for the month.

My sweet baby granddaughter loves to cook when she 
comes to her grammy's house and I've been meaning to make
her an apron of her very own.
I found a cute and pretty easy looking apron pattern on Pinterest.
Maggie, who writes a blog called
posted a great tutorial on making a vintage apron for a toddler.
Click on the blog name to make one of your very own.

On a recent visit to San Diego I bought this cool apron pattern book.
I'm anxious to make some of these!

I recently made this cute little apron for a little girl for her birthday.
The fabric has monkeys on it and the apron has pockets to hold crayons.
It was a Simplicity pattern.

As you can clearly see, my sweet baby needs an apron of her very own!
I think I'll work on that tonight!

Have a blessed day,


  1. Your blog is heartwarming! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Hey there, Discovered you via the A to Z blogging site. Loving your April quilting and also the apron. My Mom made my daughter an apron when she was young and they both enjoyed many happy hours in the kitchen baking yummy cookies together. Our house was lacking April Fool's jokes this year too, because I was too busy getting my first A to Z post in to worry about coming up with pranks this year ;)

  3. Great post, Tammy! Lots of good A's. Love the April quilt square. Enjoying the A - Z Challenge and wishing you every success with it.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Sew Alluring! It's neat to see someone else with A for Apron :)