Saturday, March 13, 2010

This past week I had another one of those pesky birthdays!
They just keep on coming! 
I guess they are good for something tho....
getting together with friends to celebrate
and then there is the bike!
Here I am ready to go off on a bike ride.
The bike I have been riding is 25 years old and this
new one sure is an improvement!
I can go as fast as the wind!
This actually is my second Schwinn bicycle.
I got my first one when I was 8 years old.
It was purple and can you believe it?.....I STILL have it!

Speaking of birthdays....
We had the pleasure of attending the birthday
party of a sweet little girl today.

Here she is getting a few practice whacks in on the pinate.
She looks just like a little ballerina in this picture.

She had a very cute cupcake inspired birthday.

I embroidered these little shirts for her:
These are a couple of the nicknames that her family calls her.

On the quilting front......I quilted this cute baby quilt
for Judy this week. 

Friday, March 12, 2010

More Quilt retreat

Here are a  few things that I did at Quilt camp......

Awhile back I came across a pattern on the internet to make 3 baby quilts out of 3 yards of fabric and I couldn't wait to try it out.  These little quilts are QUICK to make and make a perfect background for embroidery or applique.  I added some embroidered circles to the middle quilt. 
You can find the link to this pattern HERE
The quilts are so fast and easy they are perfect for a quick baby shower gift OR wonderful for donation quilts

I made this St. Pat's tablerunner and LOOK!  It's not all wonky like the last one I made!  I also made up 2 of these little embroidered bags.  (only one shown!lol)

I made 2 of these little St. Pat's wallhangings, but only one was completely finished.  This is an Anita Goodesign Holiday Tea Towel design.

And the very first thing I finished at camp was this little snowman wallhanging.
I made the piano key border, quilted it, bound it and made a label. 
This little quilt was sent off first thing monday morning to Diane in Florida.
I should be receiving a quilt from ?  someone?  soon from the Quilting Bloggers Wintertime Mini Quilt swap.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Today I am featuring the quilt tops made by
my very talented friends at quilt camp this past weekend.

Kathy completed this top made
with fabric from one of her favorite places.....Fabric Cafe

Judy completed these purrfectly wonderful pillows.

These panels are being created by Joanne.
The beadwork on them are exquisite!

Katrina with the quilt for her new grandbaby.

Cheryl's quilt for HER new grandbaby.

Mary made a whole stack of blocks....
enough for TWO quilts!

Kathy made this stained glass beauty.

Mary made this lovely top.
(in no time flat I might add)

Linda was excited to show us her quilt top purchase that
she made at the Jr. League sale this past weekend.
I think she picked this top up for .50!!!
Born shopper!

Dolly made this terrific tablerunner,
a tree wallhanging and worked on
this strip of names to go with an Alzheimers project.

This creation by Sharon will become a quilt to
grace the bed in her traveling coach.

Linda finally finished her Can of Worms quiltop!
There was a time during the weekend when she really wanted
to throw up her hands and work on something else,
but she perserved and this lovely top was the result!

Last, but not least is this sweet baby quilt made by Kathy.

Don't I have very talented friends?

Monday, March 8, 2010

Quilting Bloggers Winter time Quilt swap

Quilting Gallery
Wintertime Mini Quilt Swap

I finished this sweet little quilt at the
 quilt retreat this weekend
and popped it into the mail to go to it's new home
with Diane in Florida.
I hope she likes it!
Back of the quilt with label.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Just a little glimpse

Just a little glimpse into my weekend quilt retreat.
It was fabulous to be up among the pine trees
and the crisp fresh air in Christopher Creek Arizona
at Pines and Needles Quilt retreat.

Kathy coming down the cleared path.

We love to eat.
Our last breakfast together.

Joanne and Dolly entering the quilt barn
with lots of snow all around.

This picture was snapped by the webcam
several hours AFTER our departure.
It snowed shortly after we left.
I think we got out just in time,
however I would have loved to see falling snow...
It's been awhile since I've seen that!
But I sure would not have wanted to get snowed in!

Check back tomorrow to see a fabulous quilt show
of our finished projects at quilt camp.