Thursday, March 4, 2010

Friday Night Quilters Round Robin Quilt Show

Finally Finished!!
This is my Friday Night Quilters Round Robin Quilt!
Four ladies from this group participated in this project.
We all made a center square and passed it on to the next person in line.
We used the guidelines from "Quilter's Home" magazine.
The second "round" had to be 3" and contain triangles.
The third round had to be turned on point and appliqued.
The fourth round had to be 4 " and have rectangles.
and the last round had to have circles.

Here is Linda's quilt:

And here is Kerry's quilt:

And Here is Sharon's quilt:

Aren't they beautiful?
They will all hang together at the
Arizona Quilters Guild show
on March 11-13.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Design Wall Monday

Design wall Monday has come and gone lately with nothing new
on it, but today I have a very important quilt on it!
This quilt will contain the greetings from the
baby shower attendees from yesterday.

Here is a close-up of a couple of the blocks:

This is just the beginning.  I'll sew these blocks together and add special touches.
Like I know that this mother is decorating her nursery with butterflies, so I am planning on adding some butterflies.... appliqued, embroidered and probably quilted in as well.  I won't finish this quilt until AFTER the wee babe is born so I can add in the time she was born and weight. 

Here is another baby quilt that I designed for a baby shower:
Mom to be was decorating with a giraffe theme.

Circle of Life

It has been a week of heartbreaking sadness
 grieving the death of a dear friends husband
and great happiness with the celebrations of
the upcoming arrivals of 2 new baby girls

It's the Circle of Life.

The funeral on Thursday was a bittersweet reminder
of how short life can be and how it is really important
to live each day like it was your last.
It was hard to watch the sadness of the ones
left behind, but uplifting to know that the strong
faith that they have in God will see them thru this.

On the other side of the spectrum I had the great joy
of celebrating the April arrivals of sweet baby girls.

On Saturday one of my jazzercise instructors
taught her last class until after the birth of her baby.
After class we had a little shower for her.

and today I attended the baby shower of a young lady whom
I've had the privilege of watching grow up.
Her mom made some great centerpieces for the shower:
This is a tricycle made of diapers
and receivng blankets
The cake table was decorated with picture frames
that spelled out the baby's name.
These will grace the walls of the nursery.

The baby carriage below was also made of diapers.

And at the end of the shower she passed the
"Grandma to be" banner off to me!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

This past Friday night 185 women, men and children
participated in a Jazzercise performance at
a Phoenix suns game.

What a hoot!
I've never ever danced before in any
organized group
(unless marching band counts!)
so this was a first for me.

In this picture you can see me with Leslie behind me.
and Kathleen, Jill, Gretchen, my pregnant Jenny, Rhonda & Allison.

Here are a couple of shots of my daughter-in-law Jen and my friend Tana
who both have recently become Jazzercise instructors.
They are BOTH AWESOME instructors!

Jenny looks like she is having fun.
I think I was too busy concentrating on the routine
to smile!
The last thing I wanted to do was be going the wrong direction!

Here are Rhonda and I after it was all over.............
Tons of fun.........I'd do it again.
Hopefully I'll have a video of this soon!
That'll be entertaining for sure!