Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bunko babes

What a great group of ladies!
Bunko was at my house last night
and we really had alot of fun.
First was had a really nice dinner outside
in my secret garden.
It was a beautiful balmy evening
just perfect for eating outside.

Here we are intent on rolling the dice.

After bunko we play another game called
Left, Center, Right.
We all start with $3.00
and roll the dice passing the bills
to the left or right or put in the center pot.
The last one with a dollar in front of her wins!

My baby girl was the lucky winner!

Here is a picture of the whole group!

Monday, March 29, 2010

What a weekend!

This wall in my living room has been bugging me
for ages now!
Just before Jenny's wedding I painted it turquoise.
Then I couldn't seem to coordinate
the rest of the room
with that color.
Then I painted it royal blue.
Liked it, but it still was not quite right!

So this weekend I got new curtains and  
painted the wall sage green color to match.

I'm thinking that this may be a keeper!
Now to work on that kitchen color......

I bought an extra curtain panel and made this pillow today.
I loaded the fabric onto the longarm and
quilted this design onto this pillow and
also another one that is still waiting to be sewn together.

Here we are.....
Hot babes at the bay!
Mom, Jenny and I
picked up some Quizno's sandwiches
and headed down to the bay for a picnic
while Jenny and I were visiting last Wednesday.
Hard to believe that we needed jackets.
It was a beautiful sunny day in San Diego,
but was pretty windy down by the water.

One last post about my California trip.
I failed to mention that along with Disneyland
and visiting with my mom and dad
I managed to make a couple of business stops.
You know what they say about all play
and no work.

I made some fabric purchases at
M&L Fabrics.
M&L is located between Knotts Berry Farm
and Disneyland so I really had to stop......
I was right there.
Looking a little PINK!

I had to stop at the Quilted Rose.
I needed some new thread for the longarm
and also some baby designs.

I picked up another bundle of Camp Reach for the Sky quilts
at Rosie's when I dropped off my last bunch.
And made a little purchase as well.....

Very late...........need some sleep!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mom's shirt

Last week I showed you
the BACK of a shirt I made for
my mom.

I couldn't show a picture
because I know my mom
 reads this blog and
would see it before
I gave it to her.

I can show it now!

Mom is a long time Elvis fan!