Saturday, January 9, 2010

Lots of things going on..........

The last couple of days have been busy ones
filled with family and friends and QUILTING!
This past week I finished up a couple of quilts.
This one belongs to Liz............
This is a close-up of a corner of Liz's quilt.
She chose a bear from Anne Bright's quilting patterns.

And a moose for another corner.
This next quilt belongs to Deb.

Close-up of one of the side setting triangles.
The inspiration this design came from
Kim Stotsenburg's "Just Leaf it" quilt design book.

The January meeting of the Friday Night Quilters
was held at my house last night and it was a fun-filled evening
starting with making pizza.
Here are Kathy and Katrina getting started.

We had some beautiful show and tell last night.
This quilt, made with Kaffe Fasset fabrics, belongs
to Katrina. It was a real beauty!

Cheryl is displaying a quilt made by Dolly's
11 year old daughter Kelly. Kelly designed, pieced,
and quilted this little quilt to donate to Ami Simm's
Alzhimers Art Quilt Initiative. This little ladybug quilt raised
$100 for this cause. The person who bought the quilt
requested that it be sent back to the maker since it was
her very first quilt. What a sweet story!

After Show and tell we all went downstairs to
make a little project.

So that was Friday night...........Saturday morning
Mike and I went on a little 4 mile hike in preparation
for the 15 mile hike he has signed us up for in 2 weeks.
Yikes! I'm a little worried about doing this!
After the hike we pushed back most of the furniture
in the living room and moved a bunch of it out to the
back porch for a little Family Jazzercise!
My daughter-in-law Jen is working really hard to become an
instructor and needed some students to practice on.
WELL! She got some pretty challenging students and
she did really awesome. I think she'll make a great instructor!

Our neighbors Bert and Gail started a holiday
tradition several years ago. We call it
"Bert bombs the Neighborhood"
He makes us a B52 Bomber.
They are pretty yummy!

Bert.....the Master Mixologist!
See the 3 layers?

Bert and Gail........cheers!

Happy New Year from Mike, Brian, Rafael & Tammy!

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Idea

I've been looking at the quilt on the design wall all day and did a little playing around with it.
I think I will try adding a small border, like maybe 3", and then do a scallop all the way around.
I'll post a picture when I'm finished!

Then again.......who knows.....I may change my mind again!

Design Wall Monday

My design wall is graced by my Round Robin Quilt!
I really, really, really need to finish this quilt....and SOON!
The other ladies who participated in this round robin
want to enter ALL of the quilts in our quilt show.
The entry deadline is Jan. 16.
I need to get going!

I keep thinking that this quilt needs another border.

However I really like the size of it!

So I am thinking about making each corner into a circle and letting the quilt have a fun irregular border.

At the moment I just have some fabric kinda folded under at the corner to see if I like it.

What do you think?

Should I just leave it like it is..?

Or should I play with the corners?

I DO need to get this done!

Had to include this picture of my husband and I on our way to an Ugly Sweater Party on New Year's Eve.......we look great don't we?