Monday, April 18, 2011

Design Wall Monday

On my design wall today is this very old
and very fragile quilt top that was brought
to be to be finished.
So I thought that perhaps I'd post it here
to get some feedback.
I'm a little afraid to put it on the longarm.
Not sure that the fabric would handle it.
The top does not lay flat so it will be challenging.
My customer wants this quilt to be finished so
she can display it.
My initial thought is to envelope  the top
and simply tack the batting and backing  together.
Does anyone have any tips for working with antique quilts they could share?

Quilty Blessing,


  1. To be true to its origins, it should be hand quilted with 100% cotton batting. I'd have to see it in person though to make sure the fabric can stand the stress.

  2. While Sedona quilter's remarks are correct, I'll bet that the owner of this top doesn't want the price hand quilting would entail. I think your idea of the envelope finish and tacking is a good solution. If somewhere down the road the owner wants it handquilted the work could be reversed. Take care -

  3. While I totally agree with Sedona Quilter about hand quilting with all cotton, Carol Fun hit the nail right on the head with her remark about cost. I explained to the owner that whatever I added with "today's" materials would significantly devalue the top.

    Thanks so much for your comments!