Saturday, August 14, 2010

Friday Night Fun

For the second friday in a row I've found myself sewing at
Patrick Lose's studio.
Last night the Friday Night Quilter's met up there to sew.
It's been a long time since we have ACTUALLY SEWN!
What a wonderful feeling!

Cheryl finished up a back for her latest quilt.
The backs of Cheryl's quilts are ALWAYS interesting.
Interestingly enough this is a quilt that I started
many, many years ago.
It is an I Spy quilt that I was making using a variety of fun focus fabrics.
It was a project that I didn't think I would ever finish so I passed
it on to Cheryl's mom.
She worked on it and then it was passed on to Cheryl.
This will be going to Cheryl's new grandbaby.
I mentioned that I, too, had a new grandbaby,
but well, she wasn't willing to give it back to me.

Joanne was working on her annual doll.
Each year for her grandaughter's birthday she has made an original doll.
I always marvel at her creativity.
Dolly is working on making bags out of Capri Sun containers.
Like mother, like daughter.....creativity seems to run in the fam.

Cynthia was working on a paper pieced project.
AND brought in a really fun quilt to share.
Wish I snapped a photo!

Since I could not sleep the night before I had all of these
blocks cut and ready to sew.
Whoo hoo!  I finished them all!
Here are all of the finished blocks for the quilt.
Now comes the interesting part of arranging them into a quilt top.

Guess that's it for now.....
sleep well all,

Friday, August 13, 2010

Sleepless in the Southwest

For some reason I've found myself wide awake
in the middle of the night lately.
Usually I toss and turn and try to go back to sleep,
but this night I decided to take a page from my friend
Carole's book and get up and go down to the studio.

At our last quilt retreat I started working on Debbie Boles "Yikes" quilt and
I made a couple of blocks last week at the "Area 51" Work on your
UFO's workshop I attended. 
Tonight is FNQ night and we are sewing at Patrick's studio so I decided to
get the rest of the blocks prepared so tonight all I have to do is
get the pedal to the medal and SEW!
Look at that!  I've got my blocks and patterns all ready to go!
Hopefully I'll finish them all up tonight!

Yesterday I got to spend some time with my two favorite girls:

And I'll get to see them again today since I get to spend some time
with Mia while Jenny attends to some business.
I wonder what mischief we will get into today?
Last time we were alone I offered Mia some frosting
(something I am notorious for!)
She pretty much shook her head at me and told me
(in no uncertain terms)
that "Babies don't get to have sugar until they have thier first birthday cake"
and "My mommy told me that I could not have frosting until then!"

Isn't she a smart girl already?

It's 5:30am and I think I'll try to close my eyes again and
get a little sleep if I can.
Don't want to be grouchy today with my Mia OR
tonight with the FNQer's!


Monday, August 9, 2010

What is the best pick-up line you've heard?

So when is the last time someone handed you a pick-up line?
I've been married over 30 years and if you do the math you
could probably figure out that I'm not in my 20's, 30's or 40's anymore.

I've heard some lines over the years, but I'm usually pretty oblivious to them.
Then I think back and say "HEY!  What was that?"
As was the case one fine steamy hot day last week. 
I was walking up to get a cart in front of the grocery store and as usual
keeping an eye out on what is going on around me.
I noticed this guy sitting on his BICYCLE holding a case of beer right
in front of the door of the grocery store. 
Weird, but not worrisome.
As I walk into the store mumbles something to me.  I keep on walking.....
It didn't really register to me what he was saying until I got into the store!
His words were  "Wanna go for a beer?"

I cracked up! 
So was he picking up chicks on his bicycle?
Gonna go out into the parking lot and toss back a few cold ones?
AND  did he need glasses????

TOOO funny!  Guess I still got it! 

Still laughing,
One hot gramma in Phoenix!

ps.  I can't end a post without a cute picture of my precious angel.
These are the things that I pick up!
Precious babies and pizza!