Saturday, April 24, 2010

More Pink

Micro-Mitts and Mini purses
are some of my favorite things to make.
These little gifts are destined to become prizes.
I love the little bear embroidery on one of the change purses.
This was a first for me to include embroidery on this project.

Last night my friend Kathy and I got together to
work on a quilt to be used to auction to raise
money for the 3Day breast cancer walk.
Here are the blocks in progress:
Our friend Tana is walking again this year and
needs to raise close to $3000!
So she asked me if I could make a quilt to auction.
She is having a Bunko/Bingo/LCR extravaganza in May to raise funds.
Here is the near completed top:
We just need to add a border or two, quilt and bind
and we will be finished.

I walked the 3Day with Tana several years ago and it is an amazing challenge. 
First you have to raise ALOT of cash,
then you have to train like crazy.
(I walked 40 miles a week for MONTHS to prepare!)
Then you have the actual walk......
20 miles a day for 3 days straight!
Not to mention sleeping in tents and using
port-a-potties for 3 days!
You go TANA!

I've quilted several quilts in the last couple of days
including this hand embroidered on by Mary.

And these two little quilts by grandma Lee.

We've had a couple of really COLD days here in Phoenix
which has been quite a shock after our 96 degree days.
I'm soaking it up in preparation for the HOT days to come!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Painting the town Pink!!!

Do you like to make cakes?
Quite  a few years ago I took one of those Wilton Cake decorating classes.
I had to make a cake every week for 6 weeks.
I used to put the cake in a container on the counter
and we kept a fork right beside it and took a bite
when we passed by. 
Those were the days......
We were both really skinny back then....
Hmmmmm.......Wonder what happened?!?!

I made 5 cakes today!
But I'm afraid that we won't be sticking a fork into any of these cakes!
These cakes are made out of diapers!

I made them to use at Jenny's baby shower.
I sure do love getting my bang out of a buck!
First they will be used as decorations,
then the cakes will be taken apart and used as a DIAPER!
(I am pretty sure after that it will be thrown

Here is a picture of the diapers I embroidered
with Mia's name.
These will also be used as a decoration
then will be put to use as burp cloths.

The nursery is coming along nicely.
I helped with a little of the trim.
I hear that the room is entirely done now
including the purple circles that are to to
in the white area which I don't have a pic of as of yet.

Have you had enough Pink yet?