Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 is almost over

It is hard to believe that 2009 is almost over!
Where does the time go?
Today was spent going to Jazzercise, then to
Kohls to get a new pair of maternity jeans for
my daughter who is busting out of her regular jeans.
Mike and I then went to Savers and Goodwill to try
to find a sweater to wear to the Ugly Sweater Party
we are attending on New Year's Eve.
Ind found one, but MIke, sadly, did not. Guess He will just
have to check his closet!!!!!
Tonight we are going to Baccus for some wine tasting
with our son and daughter-in-law and some of her family.
Should be alot of fun!
Happy 2009!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It has been a busy week!

Merry Christmas Everyone!
The last few weeks have been very busy ones!
I sure hope that everyone has had a very happy
holiday season. I am so blessed to have so many
wonderful people in my life.

Christmas Eve was spent attending church then going
home for a lasagne dinner.
We opened gifts with the kids this night since we would
be driving to San Diego early Christmas morning.

One of our family tradions that our grown
kids still enjoy is searching for
the very last gift that Santa
used to hide in the tree.
This year the kids searched and searched.....

They used stools...........
Flashlights were used............
They stood on chairs......

The gift was finally found and a good time was
had by all!

Here we are in San Diego.
My brother and I went in together to get our mom
a new computer for Christmas.
Mike and Rafael installed it and
here is mom using the new computer.
Jenny always like to visit the Children's Pool
in LaJolla when we go to San Diego.
This is a cool little manmade cove
that was dedicated to the children.
It used to be a great place for kids to
swim in the ocean while being protected
from the ocean waves.
But now the seals have taken over the beach,
and the kids can no longer use it.
At any rate.......we always visit when nearby.
No trip to San Diego is complete with visiting
the Chicken Pie Shop in North Park.
This restaurant has been open since 1938!

It is good to be home.
I have lots of quilts to work on
and projects to finish.
The New Year is coming.......
where did 2009 go?

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Well, lookee here.........I've finally got a laptop!
I've been wanting one for a really long time
and that day has finally arrived!
Now to find the time to learn how to use it!
I don't have any pictures loaded yet.....
I am going to learn to use a JUMP DRIVE
sometime in the next couple of days to transfer
my pictures from my desk top to this laptop.
Then I need to learn how to up load pictures
from my camera to this computer.
Hum....that will mean that I will have to put
them in 2 places..........Guess that jump drive
lesson will come in really handy!
So much no learn.......So little time.
For the moment I am off to Jazzercise,
then back home to finish up the myriad of
Christmas tasks still to be done.
Til we meet again.......happy quilting!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

It takes a village.........

Wow! What a busy weekend.

I started off on Friday night with a Christmas party with my
Friday Night Quilters group. We ate and exchanged little giftlets
and had a Christmas gift exchange where we all bring one gift and
then we play the stealing game. Fun night.

While I was at the party my kids went to the airport to pick
up my husband who had been in India for 2 weeks.
It sure is nice to have him home.
On Saturday we decorated Gingerbread houses with our kids
and some kids that we borrowed for the event.
Christmas is always more fun when there are children to share it with
and we sure do enjoy Kelly and Brandy.

Here we are at the end with our houses all decorated and all
lined up like a village.

Mike and I with our house.
Here you see MY side of the house.
The little kids got a little house all their own to decorate.
The big kids had to share a big house.

Brian and Jen also shared a house. They split it down the
middle........Brian did a side and the front and Jen did a side
and the back. This is Brian's side. He made a fire outside
and also a water fountain.....pretty creative.

Jenny and Rafael, who are just married a little over a year,
planned how to decorate their entire house together.
Ahhh, how sweet..........

Here they are working on it........gotta have that tongue placed

just right to get that candy on straight.

Brian and Jen creating their masterpiece with Kelly looking on.

Hummmm...........let me think...........Is there really enough candy here?

Mike was adding a little more to the back.

Gingerbread village workshop.

We even took a little break to go around the corner to feed
the reindeer!

Today I attended a really fun party hosted by one of the ladies that
I quilt for. Barbara was having a "Quilt Showing".
She displayed all of the t-shirt quilts that she had made for her grandsons
which will be given to them this Christmas. The party was well attended by
alot of very nice ladies. I had a great time.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Design wall Monday

It is a cold and rainy day here in Phoenix today.
Just a perfect day to stay inside and quilt away.
I've even hoping that perhaps I might be able to steal and
hour or so and curl up with a quilt and a book.
That's just what rainy days are for.
And since we don't get them too often in Phoenix
I really should take advantage of it!
This is what is on my design wall today.
I decided that instead of starting new projects
that I really needed to get some of my own tops
After all.......that's what I DO!
So I will be using my design wall to
design the quilting that needs to be done!

This is a quilt for Sharon that I finished just last night.

This quilt for Liz will be a Christmas gift.
I put the finishing touches on this quilt this weekend.

This weekend was busy and productive!

I got up early on Saturday morning and started my day baking bread.

Banana bread that is.

I really like baking my banana bread in these little ceramic pans

that I bought at Michaels. They are the perfect size and don't

take forever in the oven.

While the bread was baking I started making my fudge.
I always make fudge for Christmas......Chocolate fudge and
Peanut Butter fudge (my fav)
I've been making this fudge for YEARS and I pretty much
know what it is suppossed to look like at each step of the way.
Well, this year it just didn't look right.....looked kinda greasy,
like maybe there was too much butter. Lo and behold, I checked
and I had misread the butter label......The recipe called for 3/4 cup
of butter and I measured 3/4 POUNDS of butter. Almost double what
the recipe called for. So I quickly doubled all of the other ingrediants and
crossed my fingers! I have never made a double batch before, and thankfully
it worked out just fine. So when I made the next batch I doubled it too!
Much faster, much easier.

I think I'll do it that way every Christmas when I made a ton of fudge!

Well, if you make fudge then you know that you always have
marshmellow creme jars leftover.
I always save them and usually have a ton of them.
This year I decided to make up a big batch of cookie dough mix
and put them in jars with a recipe for making Snickerdoodles!
All you need to do is add ONE EGG to this mix!

So that is just what I did. Each of these jars will get a small
bag of cinnamon mix and a recipe tucked under a square of
pretty fabric and tied up with a ribbon.

Another really amazing part of my weekend was when my
daughter and I went to Burlington Coat Factory.
I remember seeing before Halloween that they had the cutest little
Halloween costumes for babies.
I was in the same shopping mall for another reason so I figured
that I should stop in and see if maybe they had any leftovers marked down.

I bought these two outfits
and these two costumes.
Aren't they sweet?
Why did I buy so many?
Well for one reason we don't know if Jenny is having a boy or girl yet.
But the REAL reason is that these clothes were marked down to......
drum roll please...............
Yep, you read that right......Ninety Nine cents!
I just LOVE a bargain!

Just before Thanksgiving I received a package in the mail
from Bec, my Springtime swap partner.
I didn't open until just this last weekend.
I was planning on saviang it until Christmas
because, well, that is what you do with Christmas presents.
But I've had this crummy cold and my husband was travelling this
weekend so I figured that I really NEEDED to open this gift!
Would you look at what was inside?!?!?!!!!!

What a treat! Inside was this gorgeous stocking
filled with fabric and candy.
I'll just tell you that I was tickled pink!
And it sure did make me feel better and made my day a little brighter!
Thank you so much Bec!
You are a dear!
Well, I'm off to go and quilt that quilt that is on the design wall.
If Judy can make a whole quilt from start to finish in mere days
then I should be able to quilt and bind one.....right? are my hero!

Check out Judy's blog here:

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Finished quilts and things.......

It has been awhile since I have actually posted pictures
of some of my finished projects........
I made up these little bibs for the little ones who
were going to be at the Thanksgiving dinner that my
family attended.
I just loved the saying "My Family is THANKFUL for ME!"
Ain't it the truth!

This was a top that I quilted for a customer.
I believe that it started with a panel
and the name of it is "Glory"
When she dropped it off I told that I probably
wouldn't get it done before Christmas.......
that way I could hang it in MY house during the season!
Yeah, she picked it up yesterday!

Another t-shirt quilt made by a first time quilter!
My friend Barbara who made her very first quilt
not too long ago is now teaching her friends!
This quilt was made by Joan for her 1st granddaughter Alison.

Each and every square of the quilt holds a special
memory for Joan and Alison.
This square was made from a VERY tattered baby blanket.
It was pieced together in four places to even get a 15" square!
Joan delighted in telling me the story of each block.
It appears that one of Alison's favorite phrases is that
"This is me.....and the world revolves around"
When Barbara found this shirt (at Savers!) she knew
that it would need to be included in Alison's quilt.
I quilted a princess crown in the middle along
with Alison's name and birthdate.
Alison became engaged while in Germany.
Her husband to be asked her to marry him in
front of a castle in Germany.
So I quilted a castle.

Alison was in Germany to do her student teaching
so on another Germany shirt I quilted children.

London Metro shirt.
See the train?

Eiffel Tower in Paris.........

See? I have been working.........I have been working!

Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative (AAQI)

I received an email today from my friend Dolly telling me that the new auction has started for Ami Simms Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative.

What is special (to me) about this particular auction is that Dolly's 11 year old daughter Kelly AND her mom Joanne
both have quilts that they have donated included in this auction.
This is Kelly's LadyBug quilt.
This is Joanne's Patchwork of Life quilt.
and click on the pictures of the quilts you will get to read the artist's statements
and on Kelly's......see her picture! She is the youngest quilter ever to donate a quilt!
I was fortunate enough to get to see Joanne's quilt up close and personal.
What is amazing about her quilt is that all of those tiny, little bitty, miniscule triangles
are all PIECED! This is not a printed piece of fabric you are looking at here folks!
I just hope that their gifts of love will bring lots of bidders and $$$ for this cause.
Kelly's grandpa recently passed away after suffering many years with
Alzheimer's disease.
What a lovely tribute Kelly and Joanne have offered him.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sick, Sick, Sick

After a very busy holiday weekend of Thanksgiving dinner at Darcy's,
big bonfire at our house on Friday and then on Saturday Jenny and I fixed
the whole traditional thanksgiving meal at our house........and now I'm sick!

Don't know if it is from being outside on Friday night with the chillyness
of the evening.....or the smoke......or the wind blowing around allegens...
OR if someone else was sick and I picked it up.

AT any rate, I'm not feeling too hot.

These are some pictures from our bonfire. We especially
like to burn old Christmas trees. Those trees just light
up the night!

Had the kids over for dinner a couple of weekends ago and we
used our halloween costume shirts, added an elf hat and tried
to get some good shots for our Christmas picture.

I've got 2 more Christmas quilts to finish for customers and
then I am pretty much finished with quilts for now.
Guess I need to get off the computer and get quilting!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Very first picture of my grandbaby!

Well, here it is.........the very first picture of my new grandbaby!
Ain't she cute?
I am thrilled to announce that my daughter Jenny is expecting
and will bring forth my first grandbaby around July 3, 2010!
See that black area?
Well, the little scratchy white area inside the black area
is the baby.
Don't ya think she looks JUST LIKE JENNY?
Now I don't know if it is a boy or girl as of yet,
but I'm just calling it a girl til I really know,
which won't be for another month or so.
Actually I'm not really sure when they find out,
but I"ll probably be someone they will tell when they know!

Hello's been awhile

I'm not really sure why I haven't posted lately, but it sure
has been awhile. I guess when I get on the computer I tend
to get distracted by soooooooooo many things.........I love
reading other people's blogs, and I enjoy facebook and I
like looking at quilting sites and maybe learning new things.
Before you know it I've spent ALOT of time on the computer!
AND not very much time WORKING!
Does anyone else have this problem?
I HAVE been busy lately. I"ve finished up QUITE a few projects.
Here are some of them:
This is Margaret's quilt.
I met Margaret about 8 years ago at Quilt Camp in the Pines.
She happened to be staying at the dorms at Northern Arizona University
(this is where the camp was being held) and my son was considering
attending NAU. So I asked Margaret if my son and his friend could
come in her room and have a look at what a real college dorm room
looked like. What a sweet lady. Then and now.
Margaret is 85 and when she came to pick up this quilt she brought
with her an 88 year old friend who was visiting from Colorado.
I can only hope to be in as good shape as these two ladies when I am
that age. Margaret's friend goes to the gym and has a trainer!
I'm pretty sure she is in better shape than I am NOW!
Guess it is something to aspire to!
This is a close-up of Margaret's quilt.
Finally a group shot of my Friday Night Quilters.
What a fine group of ladies!
I think that the last time we were all together was in January!
Everyone looks great in this picture..........except me.........
I have my eyes closed!
Guess I needed the rest.......?
Another finished quilt:
This quilt belongs to Liz and is called Lavender Fields.
The picture does not do this quilt justice.
It was a really sweet little quilt.....pastel and beautiful!

I included this picture of my quilting machine so I could
tell you my sad tale of woe.
Unfortunately during the last month I've started having
some problems with driving this machine! It would get hard
to push in some areas and then fly away in others. It
was REALLY hard to control and because I had to keep such
a tight reign on the handles my whole body would hurt after
only a short quilting session.
So I do what I do best when I have a problem............I avoid it!
Well, not really, but it is what I WANTED to do!
I tried getting out my manual and looking up the problem.
After identifying the problem I tried to make the adjustments
on my own, only making matters worse!
Fortunately APQS has a wonderful tech support and Christine
walked me thru all the adjustments I needed to make.
And after getting Mike's help with a few things that needed a stronger
arm than I have, my machine is working just like new!
What a relief!

Because my quilting machine was not working as well as I needed
it to I just couldn't bring myself to put a customer quilt on and work
on it. So I started pulling out some of MY projects that I could
have on the frames so I could work on the adjustments I needed.
This quilt is Jenny's shower quilt.
It was signed by many people who wished Jenny and Rafael
much happiness in thier marriage.
I gave it to them on their one year anniversary!

Close-up of the center square on which I embroidered their
names and wedding date:

Remember all those tablerunners that I made at camp? was quick to piece them, but then they have
to be finished! So while my quilting machine was being
squirrelly I quilted some of these runners.
Here a just a few.....I think I finished at least 2 or 3 more of these
during the last 2 weeks!

Guess that is it for now!