Friday, May 22, 2009

It's Raining, It's Pouring......

And I'd like to be SNORING!
Really I'd like to be curled up under a quilt reading the end
of the last of the Twilight series of books.

We are having the weirdest weather lately.
First a really windy spring, then 100+ temps in May and now
we've got rain! Weird!

As I mentioned before the hot weather provides me a reason to hunker down and stay in the house and I really seem to get alot more accomplished.

I've been doing alot of embroidery and learning a few new things about that.

I made this shirt for my son who has just started golfing and is addicted!

I saw this saying on a shirt that someone was wearing on a hike and thought it was funny and appropriate for a beginning golfer. But Brian was telling me about his golf score on his last game and I guess he is pretty good.......... Oh well, I still think it is a funny shirt.

I've embroidered 4 shirts for our upcoming cruise:

I put an appliqued ship on the front.

(first time I've attempted an embroidered applique)

And this embroidery on the back.

I've also made 2 pillow cases to match the t-shirt quilt
made out of Jen's dad's shirts.

and quilted 2 baby quilts:
I've started packing for our cruise and found this handy dandy little
sewing pouch that my friend Judy made for me one Christmas.
It is a very simple little case. Just a piece of quilted fabric with binding and a button clasp and baggies sewn into the middle. But it is going to be SOOOO handy to take with me on this trip. It fits TWO hand sewing projects!


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Spring Blooms Mini-Swap

I've recently joined a group of blogging quilters!
AND have signed up for a mini-quilt swap that they are holding.
There are 162 quilters from 23 countries participating in this swap.
(you can click on the icon on the right to see the rules of the swap)
Altho I have until June 22 to mail my mini-quilt out, I've decided to
try to get a head start on it so I won't be putting the final stitches in the
project on the way to the PO, like I usually do with many of the projects that I create.
We were given the rules and then the identity of our swap partner. Some of the participants had color preferances for the quilt they want to receive. The gal I will send to does not want your traditional spring type colors. This has been a real challenge for me! I am a little out of my comfort zone with the color scheme! So here is process that I have been going thru to start this quilt.

First I pulled out a bunch of quilt books and magazines to find the perfect pattern. Once that was complete I started going thru my fabric and pulling possible contestants.

Here is the pile:

Then a little more organized...........

My next step is to cut the shapes. I've layed them out and am pretty pleased with the colors. I sure hope that this is what my swap partner will like. She asked for something specific, but I don't want to put that here since she could very possibly read this! And I don't want to give her any clues!!!!!
Here are the bones of the quilt:

Next I will do some machine applique and piecing.
The rest of the little quiltlet will be going on a cruise with me
I dislike having idle hands, so I will happily sit on the deck of the ship,
look out at the water and sew to my heart's content!


My quilting business is named
"HeartString Quilts"
Quilts that tug at your heartstrings,
because to me that is exactly what quilts do.
Quiltmakers over the years have learned that
Quilts = Love.
Hours of love are poured into making a quilt, from choosing the perfect fabric and colors, to stitching, and quilting and finally finishing it up.
It is said thatwhen you sleep under a quilt you sleep under a blanket of love.
Wrapping a quilt around you is not provides warmth,
but is like being
wrapped into loving arms.
Quilts hold precious memories. Each scrap can be a memory
of a favorite dress, a child's play clothes, a husband's shirt or a
grandmother's apron.
Quilts can also help in a grieving process. There is kind of a
healing process in making a quilt.
My son Brian married a beautiful young woman
about 2 years ago.
They had a lovely wedding with Lots and Lots of family is important to both of them.
Unfortuantely, about 3 weeks after thier marriage
Brian's new father-in-law Ed was tragically killed.
Someone wanted his car...........
He was a family man,
successful businessman,and an all-around nice guy.
What does this have to do with quilts????
Well, the quilt pictured below is no thing of beauty,
but it will be a blanket of love to the son who will receive it.
It contains sports shirts, fishing shirts, work shirts and ties
and scraps of favorite shirts worn by his father.
Ed's wife and children got together and all picked out shirts
to be included in a quilt. Ed's mother-in-law pieced the
shirts together and now I have the honor of quilting them.
It has been 2 years and the grief is still there, but I know that
these quilts will help to continue the healing and also preserve many happy memories.

Ed loved to fish.

And boat

Ed was CEO of a construction company.
I quilted in a hard hat, hammer and screwdriver.

We still miss you Ed, but your memory lives on
in the hearts of the people who love you and in this quilt.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Here comes the sun!

The old saying goes, "April Showers bring May flowers".
I live in the desert.
We didn't have any April showers and unfortunately some of
my flowers are now dying!
Our climate is really no different than many others.
When I lived back east we hunkered down for the winter
because it was too cold to go outside. We went out only when neccessary.
The desert is no different.
Only we hunker down when it is HOT outside.
Actually, I've managed to get quite alot done in the last two weeks
as you can see from the pictures that follow!.......
This is MY QUILT! I rarely get to quilt my own creations, but since I've had trouble with my elbows I wanted to get back in the swing of things on one of my own quilts. Just to make sure that my quilting was up to snuff!

Detail shots.

Quilting is

Not too

bad, if I do say so myself!

This is the gigantic quilt that I finally finished!
And a detail shot:

I've finished up several baby quilts:

I've decided to call this quilting pattern
"Muscle Hearts"

Another baby quilt.

Here's a little project that I was working on.
Can you guess what it is?

MOM? Can you guess?

Back side.
Finished project:

It's a Toaster cover that matches the curtains
that I made for mom's kitchen! (surprise mom!)

I'd say that my "indoor" time has been pretty well spent!
Tomorrow I"ll show you even MORE projects!