Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I've recently joined a group of ladies who Jazzercise.
I must tell you that I went kicking and screaming
every inch of the way.
A few years back I tried to Jazzercise and found that I was zigging while everyone else was zagging!
I stopped just short of bumping into people,
but let me tell you..........It was pretty embarassing!

My long time friend Tana, shown here, LOVES Jazzercise.
Tana is lighting candles on some "special" brownies
to celebrate instructor Lynn's 50th birthday.
(the special brownies were made with a can of pumpkin
instead of oil and eggs! lol! Certainly you were not thinking
that they were THAT special!)

When my daughter Jenny was out of work
SHE started going to jazzercise and asked me
to join her. I resisted, but finally caved in.

Can you see me?
I'm actually in my usual far to the
back as I can manage with NO ONE behind me!

I'm so glad that I've joined this group.
Yes, I still zig when others are zagging,
but at my age, WHO CARES?
I'm moving, and dancing and
feeling stronger

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween 2009

One of my favorite events of the year is attending the Annual Halloween Party hosted by my friends Sharon and Ray Brooks at
The Boojum Tree
The party is always alot of fun and well attended.
Costumes are mandatory and interesting to see.
Ray and Sharon

My family dressed up as Mousekateers this year!
Easy, comfortable and effective!
This picture shows all of the Friday Night Quilters
that were in attendance.
We are a fun group!

This is the Friday Night Quilters
plus all of the husbands and family.

Some of us just screamed our heads off!

The Waldo's were another great group costume!

Clowning around!

Fred and Wilma were in attendance

This costume was made by Cheryl and
it will do double duty.
After it does it's job as a halloween costume
Cheryl will turn it into a great Christmas decoration
to put by her door to greet her guests!
She is so talented!

Linda busted outta jail for the occasion
along with hubby John.

Great biker chick, but her date could use a facial!
This was a really Baaa-aaaad costume!

This pink lady is lookin' for love in all the wrong places.

Four of my most favorite people in the whole world!
The Boojum Tree is an awesome place with so many
different nooks and crannies to discover.
I just love being there!
Other Vendors that helped to make this night such a success were:
Set-M-Up (the bartenders!)
Exceptional Events (DJ)
Put a Fork in It, A Savory Affair, and Macayo's
De Amor, AZ Photo Booth
Flossy Stylish Design
A big thank you to Ray and Sharon for hosting!