Monday, August 22, 2011

Christmas is Coming!

Look up.
I mean it.....Look UP!

Do you see that it is exactly 125 days until Christmas?

Christmas is coming and it will be here before you know it!

Every year just before Christmas I promise myself that
NEXT year I will be more organized!  and I vow to start in January
and do a little bit each month.  Ha! 

I love Christmas but it's always so hectic and as the mom I always have tons to do to facilitate all the family traditions that we have started over the years.
And now we have sweet Mia............this year should be a barrel of fun with her.  Here she is last year:

She was just a wee babe!
Isn't she cute in her Elf shirt and hat?

So I thought that this year I would share my journey with you all on this here blog by sharing some of the tips and tricks of managing the season
that I'll be trying.  We can all support each other!
I will also share some of my favorite patterns for the season,
but first I want to share with you a great organizing site.

This link is to Flylady's Holiday Control Journal.
Have a look at these pages.
"Flylady" talks about alot of her other helpful routines
in the first couple of pages of this link,
but continue to read thru it, because at
the end there are some really great forms for getting organized.
One of the pages that I plan on using is the one to
organize all your holiday recipes all in one place!
I have several recipes that I use EVERY Christmas.

If you want you can even join the flyladies regular site, both
online and on facebook of course.
She'll send regular messages to help you get organized, both
in getting your house ready, menu planning and grocery shopping.
Here is the link for her regular site:

Actually I have already started making some of my holiday crafts.
Okay, truth be told......these projects were started
LAST Christmas,
but they are done now! pays to start thinking about Christmas now!

Merry Christmas from our family!

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Have you ever watched the show on the TLC network called
"Hoarding: Buried Alive"?

What do you think?
Are you a "saver"?
Do you feel the  compulsive need to clean after watching it?

Well I do!
I am a compulsive saver.
I just hate to throw anything away that I think I might have a use for in the future.  Trouble is.....sometimes I can't FIND "it" in the future!
I'm pretty sure that I AM NOT a hoarder........YET!
But I do need to do some serious re-organizing!

Today I started cleaning out some of the boxes I have
stashed away in my studio.
Here's a little glimpse into one of the boxes:
What is that?
Could that possibly be....?
Macrame.?.....that's SO 70's!?!

A macrame owl?
I still have a macrame owl?
I remember making macrame owls in my apartment in 1978!

Do you think I could be a hoarder?
What should I do with it?

So the upside to going thru boxes is that I found two things I've been looking for!  I knew I had a roll of velcro somewhere!  And I've been looking
for the pattern for a bullseye quilt for some time now.
Didn't find the pattern, but looks like I already have quite a few blocks
already done!  Guess I can figure out the dimensions from this kit.

Quite a few boxes to go..........I can't wait to see what treasures I uncover.
Just hope I can make some decisions to

Sweet Mia would LOVE to help me reorganize!

In Pieces,