Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Design Journal

As you all know I recently entered an apron contest with my friend Linda.
Well, we did not win.
But that's okay, because we really had alot of fun doing it!
Well, Now they are having a Journal cover contest!
Here's the link:
I don't know if I will enter or not.....
(probably will....who wants to be my partner?)
but I have already made up a journal cover
and it was alot of fun!
AND I really love it!
Here it is:
I decided to make a Design Journal
and in it put all of the projects that I make.
I still need to make some sort of closure
for this journal
AND add some sort of embellishment,
But I'm doing some "Fart"ing tomorrow
and I need this design book!
(FART is an acronym for
Fabric Acquisition Road Trip!)
The front pages contain sticky notes with
shopping notes.........things I need to get to
finish up projects!

This page contains the Haunted House project that I am doing.
It has notes pertaining to thread that I need to complete the project
and a blank page to write down any thoughts I might have about
this project.
(Carole and Christina...........You have created a monster!)

This entry is the Harmonic Convergence quilt that I started
with Jenny and Rafael before they got married.
I took each of them (separately) to a quilt store and asked
them to pick out 2 fabrics that they liked, then I put them
together as a "convergence" quilt.
It's a great story!
I just need to finish up this project!
So that is kinda the purpose of the Design Journal.............
I'll carry it with me
and have a visual reminder of the projects that I want
to finish up!
I think you should go to this link and
make yourself one of these journals!
Tell me what you think!
Leave me a comment!

Halloween is coming!

Block #4 finished today!

Wow! I am getting so excited to see this
coming together.
It looks great!

See ya next time!
Still working my way thru the Anita Goodesign
Haunted House.
Here is Block 3:

It's starting to come together...
Doesn't it look cool?
On a very sad note ..........
My daughter was layed off from her job today.
She has worked for over 2 years at a credit union
and always got the highest performance ratings
each week. I'm not sure where the logic is in laying off
one of your best workers.
Jenny is sad, but optimistic....
God never closes a door without opening a window........

Monday, June 29, 2009

Wow! Alot has happened today!

First off I went to the Chiropractor........

I really need to get my back and neck fixed up!

So far it seems to be helping some!

My daughter-in-law Jen got some great news today............

She passed her Leeds, "green" test with flying colors!

She has been studying diligently for weeks for this test.

I guess that only 20% of the people who take this test actually

pass. I KNEW she would pass, because when she puts her

mind to something she works really hard until she accomplishes it!

We (the whole fam) went to Caramba's tonight to celebrate!

Another thing that happened today was that Jenny's main credit

union branch was ROBBED! This is the branch that she used

to work at as a teller! I am so very thankful that she was at the

service center and not on the teller line! We have no information

about what happened or if anyone was hurt. I hope and pray that

everyone is all right!

I worked most of the day in my studio and here

are some pictures of my efforts:

This is the back of the Camp Reach for the stars quilt.

I finished quilting this quilt for Liz.

It is done with very nice Aunt Gracie fabrics.

and quilted using a heart stencil.

Detail shot of one of the squares.

I also embroidered the second square of my Haunted House.

I finished up this patriotic shirt which I had started yesterday.

I'm hoping to wear it to bunko tomorrow night!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekend Fun

On Saturday I was able to spend some time in my studio
both quilting and doing some embroidery.
I started this Anita Goodman Design that will eventually
be a Haunted House!
This is the first of 12 blocks.
Each square takes about 3 hours to embroider,
but when it is done it is spectacular!
While the machine was doing the embroidery I did some
quilting on this glorious quilt all pieced in flannel fabric.
Unfortunately you can't see the quilting lines in this picture,
I tried some of Sue Pattens quilting designs.
I had the pleasure of attending one of Sue's classes at
Innovations a couple of years ago and she is fabulous!
Very energetic and a very accomplished quilter!
This quilt will become the "blanket of love"
and will wrap around a child who has cancer.
It is a very cozy and warm quilt and I made sure
to quilt lots and lots of love into it.
Rosie, of Rosie's Calico Cupboard in San Diego California,
goes to "Camp Reach for the Sky" each summer and gives each
child (and thier siblings) a quilt for thier very own.
Rosie has volunteer piecers who put the quilt top together
and longarmers (like me) who then quilt the tops.
This link will take you to Rosie's website:
This link will take you to a website with pictures and stories
from the children who receive these quilts and also
tell you how you can be involved in this worthy cause:
The weekend is coming to a close as it is
already Sunday evening.
Today was the final game in the
Soccer Tournament in South Africa
and Mike had Brian (and his greyhound Audrey),
Rafael and Jenny,
and Jerry and his son over for the game today.
Unfortunately the USA team lost to the
Brazilian team, but it was still
a great game and certainly wonderful to visit with
our kids and friends.