Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Added two piano key side borders today
and this Yikes quilt is starting to come together.
Still need to add the top and bottom piano key border
another light border and a dark border.
Borders are not my favorite thing......:(

Almost completed quilting a t-shirt quilt today.
Just have a little more to go, but I just couldn't
work up the energy to finish it up tonight.

I embroidered these two aprons today
for a wedding gift.
Jenny designed them and
they will be part of a gift that
Jenny and Rafael will be giving at the
wedding they are attending this weekend.

I was lucky to spend a little time with Mia today.
She is AMAZING! 
I know, I know,
I'm sounding like a doting grandma, but HEY!
That's what I am!
I've really been seeing such growth in her the last
couple of days.
She is holding her head up so nicely!
Okay,  I'll stop at that!

God Bless, and good night,

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