Monday, April 2, 2012

B is for Babies and Blessings!

The same friend who yesterday on April Fool's day tricked me into believing that she and her husband were moving also told her son and his wife that 
Mike and I were adopting a baby! 
 They fell for it!
I guess everyone knows that Mike and I 
are real fond of babies!

Designer Burp pads double as decorations!

I spent a lot of time last week preparing 
for a very special baby shower.
I made these designer burp cloths by appliqueing 
the letters of the baby's name
on a pre-made diaper.  
The two on the ends are monkey embroideries to match the design of the nursery.
My babies spent a great deal of their early months hurling the contents of their stomachs
all over me so I always like to give new parents some burp cloths.....just in case.....

Motorcycyle made out of diapers
My husband found this giraffe and wanted to include it in the baby shower decorations.
So I found a link on Pinterest showing how to make a motorcycle out of diapers.
You can see the directions Here.

Diaper wreath

This Diaper wreath was something that the mom-to-be had mentioned that she wanted,
so I made one by simply wrapping a diaper around a foam wreath and securing with rubber bands.
The Welcome banner was made from an idea I also found on pinterest.
Another diaper cake for baby shower decoration.

At one point during the baby shower Mia sat down on
the floor and howled!
I thought she was jealous that I was holding another baby, but in reality she was sitting
down so she could hold the baby
and mad because I didn't give her the baby!

After getting permission from mom I let Mia hold this
precious babe.
She was so gentle and so happy. 

Life just can't get any better than this!
A baby to hold and a sweet toddler to give me kisses!

About 2 years ago I wrote another post that is SO appropriate for today's Letter B.
It is all about the new and improved baby items that I never had when my babies were little.
You can see it here:  

Beautiful baby blessings to you,


I read on another bloggers post.....
This Blog was brought to you tonight by the Letter B.


  1. Wow, if I ever need to have a baby shower, I am coming to see you!! Great job. Babies are a great joy aren't they. P.S. Your daughter looks like such a sweethart.

  2. Ah, thanks Debbie. The sweet angel in the pictures is my granddaughter!!

  3. Babies! Definitively among the best Bs ever!