Saturday, February 20, 2010

Goddess of the last minute....again

This Goddess of the last minute thing is getting to be a habit with me....

Last week I attended the Anita Goodesign workshop
here in Phoenix and during his presentation Steve Wilson
asked the question....."how many of you start a gift the
day before you need to give it?"  
My answer to that question was....."sometimes I start
it in the MORNING before I give it!"

 Well, I've beat my own record!
We were to attend the birthday of my daughter-in-laws
granddmother's 85th birthday today at 4PM.
AT 3:15 I decided I needed a card and not just
any ole card would do for an 85th birthday!

So I created this custom card on my embroidery software,
downloaded the file onto a floppy disc that would
run my embroidery machine
and stitiched out this little card:

The card took me about 30 minutes from start to finish.
I even added some fancy corners with my scrapbooking supplies.
I am looking forward to making up some more of these cards......
but next time I plan on doing it at least the DAY before the time needed!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Goddess of the Last Minute

Wow!  It's been so long since
 I posted I had to sign in!
I almost didn't remember my password!

Yesterday and today I've been working on my
quilt show entry.
I guess I could have waited another week or so....
it's not due in til March 4th.

Yesterday I loaded the longarm with a very thick
polyester batting and floated my quilt top.
Then using a water soluable thread on top and regular
thread in the bobbin I quilted around the major
shapes that I wanted to TRAPUNTO.

After the quilting is done you have to cut away all of the
thick batting from the areas that you don't want to stand out.
Here is a picture of what the quilt top looked like
at 6pm tonight:

I've cut the major blank areas of the

the batting away from the quilt back.

Now I just have to do the detail cutting.

4 hours, an episode of Survivor, and hour of Sex in the city movie, the last 1/2 of
Seventh Heaven episode, 2 loads of laundry, several Limoncello shots and one sappy Hallmark movie later the top looked like this:

Whew!  I'm really glad that the cutting is all finished! 
And here is the best part...........NOT ONE SINGLE CUT ON THE TOP OF THE QUILT!  In the past when I've done trapunto quilts no matter how careful I was, I always had a slip or two and but the quilt top.  The Limoncello must have given me a steady hand!

I took several breaks during my cutting marathon and during
one break I bottled my latest batch of Limoncello which I
began on Dec. 29.

During the last couple of days I've finished this quilt for Becky:

And made this label:

I embroidered this shirt for Jenny:

Embroidered this label for the round robin quilt:

And now it is time to rest!
Good night!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day!
Early this morning I received a beautiful rose
from my son-in-law.
And took this picture of Jenny and her sweet little bump
at 20 weeks.

I got to sew out one of the designs from
the workshop I attended this weekend:
This afternoon we got to attend a wine tasting at Bacchus with
Brian and Jen.
This was a wine and chocolate pairing tasting and it was pretty yummy.
Now I'm off to do some work in my studio.