Thursday, January 14, 2010

Another finished quilt!

My friend Kathy has been agonizing over making
this quilt for over a year now!
Her nephew is a fireman and wanted a quilt
made from his t-shirts.
The only problem was that the t-shirts were
pretty much the same and kinda boring.
Kathy makes beautiful quilts....usually made
from batiks and alot of pretty pastel quilts.
This was a very hard quilt for her to make!
All that is left to do now is apply the binding
and sew on the label!

The quilting was inspired by Anne Brights
Men and Boys quilting patterns.
When the man is a fireman you have to quilt a
fire truck on it! I used alot of "FIRE" and some
swirls that could be water or rolled up firehoses.

I've been working on making labels,
so this will accompany the quilt when
I bring it to Kathy at tomorrow night's quilt meeting.

Going to the OB

Jenny asked me to accompany her to the OB today since

Rafael had to work.

I didn't get to "see" the baby,

but I did get to hear the heartbeat.

Here is a little preview:

It was pretty amazing to hear proof that the new

life is strong and heatlthy and growing!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

200th Post!

NO........I'm not a waitress.....

And I certainly did not collect tips as a pole dancer!!!!


I subbed at Darcy's bunko last night.

I didn't win at bunko, but I did win at LCR!

What a nice group of ladies.......They gave me lots

of one dollar bills!

Today I finished up Kathy's quilt.

I'll post a picture tomorrow after

I return from a very special appointment.

Jenny asked me to go with her to her gyny appointment.

I am pretty excited to "see" my first grandbaby

during the ultrasound!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Another beautiful day in Phoenix!

It was another sunny day today here in Phoenix
altho I spent all day inside.
It was not such a great idea to do all of the exercise
that I did yesterday. I woke up during the night
and it was not pretty! Didn't get much sleep.
So no Jazzercise or mountain hiking for me today.
I worked on Kathy's quilt, worked on my quilt for entry
into the quilt show, worked on setting up a Facebook page
for Heartstring quilts and now I am off to sub for a bunko game.
At my bunko the subs usually win!
Hopefully I'll be lucky!

Monday, January 11, 2010

The day is done

What a day this has been.
I am plum worn out!
I'm pretty sure that I will sleep
really well tonight.
I ended the day with a jazzercise class, but
before that Mike and I went on a 2 mile hike.
This is a picture from the top of mountain.
Can you see those mountains in the distance?
They stretch from one side of the picture to the other.
Those are the mountains I will be hiking in 2 weeks!
Phew! I've got ALOT of training to do!

Fall has finally come to Phoenix.
I spent some time in the garden today fertilizing my
tomato's and other plants.
It was really a lovely day here today with temperatures
in the 70's.

Kathy's quilt is on the frames ready to be
quilted. I'll work on that tomorrow.

I've been spending all of my extra time learning
my new laptop and new embroidery software.
Here is what I embroidered today.
I could see it on the large screen of the laptop
instead of that little screen on the sewing machine.
Remember those baby halloween outfits that I bought
at Burlington Coat Factory?
Here is the cute Pirate one.....

Remeber the great bargain?

Today I added an embroidery to
the back side of the outfit........

So cute!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Design Wall Monday

Yes....if you tuned in last Monday you did see the exact same quilt.
I've been hemming and hawing all week about how to

finish this quilt and I have finally decided.
I am going to add

a 3" border in the purple fabric and then after it is quilted I

will scallop the edges.
Not sure how many scallops, but the corners

for sure will be rounded. I will figure out if the rest of the quilt

will be scalloped when I get to that part.

This quilt will be entered into our local quilt show along with

the other 3 ladies who participated in this Round Robin.

They already have thiers quilted and to the binding stage,
but they got the "finger" pointed at them months ago
and were told that their
(or else!)

Since I missed the first "finger point"
and am running a little behind
I got "the finger point" on Friday night!
So I'm getting busy!

My very first embroidery design!

Quite a few months ago I purchased a software

package that would enable me to design embroideries

to use on my Designer 1 embroidery machine.

I have been wanting to design quilt labels, but first

I needed to learn the ins and outs of the software

and then figure out how to get this transfered to a floppy

disc so it could go into my embroidery machine to be

stitched out.

Well today I finally did it! and the picture above

is the very first one I stitched out!
I've still got alot to learn, but I am pretty happy
with what I accomplished today!

God Bless you this fine Sunday

I spent a very quiet Sunday visiting with
my friend Helen.
She is 91 and just spent a few days in the hospital.
Helen and I go way back..........I met her
when I first started quilting and she befriended me
when I was just a young thing and taught me a whole
lot about quilting.
Tomorrow is Judy's design wall monday..........
I don't know if I will have anything to show.......
Guess I should get on that!
Til then.........
Sweet Dreams!