Wednesday, September 3, 2008

T-Shirt Quilts and all sorts of other things...........

One Saturday morning several months ago I got a call from a nice lady who wanted to know how much I might charge her for quilting a t-shirt quilt. It is always hard to quote over the phone without seeing the quilt and without knowing how densely quilted the person would want it done. This nice lady explained to me that she had never quilted before and this would be her first quilt. Oh........and she was on her way to the class to learn how to do it! I've got to tell you that I was pretty scared! T-shirt quilts can really take on a life of their own and be incredibly hard to work with. So I gave her a ball park estimate and figured that I would never hear from her again.

WELL! Was I ever wrong! I got a call from her the very next evening! She was almost finished piecing her top and wanted to get some tips about making the back and when could she bring it over to be quilted? I gotta tell you..............I was really impressed.

To make a long story abit shorter I'll just tell you that she claimed not to be a quilter and professed that at her age (71) she probably wouldn't do another quilt............I told her that unfortunately she had already been bitten by the quilting bug and she would be making more.... I was sure of it.

The picture below is of her 2nd t-shirt quilt. I just finished the quilting on it this morning.

THIS QUILT IS GINORMOUS! I couldn't even get the whole thing on my design wall!

T-shirt quilts are So very interesting. I just love looking at all of the neat shirts. What a great way to remember fun times.

This quilt was originally sent to someone to make the t-shirt quilt and unfortunately when it was given back it was already cut into small chunks. The picture below shows a really good way to handle those little little logos that appear on the front of shirts.

Since this quilt is a gift for her daughter she included an outfit that was bought on her honeymoon in San Diego. This square includes both the TOP and the BOTTOM of that outfit.

When doing the quilting I tried to include leafy designs since the recipient of this quilt has decorated her home using leafy type patterns.

So that is not all I did today!

I also finished a baby quilt top!

It's kinda hard to see on this picture, but the quilting pattern I used was from Deloa Jones' Continuous Curve quilting book. It makes a nice pattern on the back.

Let's see, I also did 3 loads of laundry today, cleaned the kitchen and bathroom, returned books to the library, picked up a class catalog at the local community center, did some shopping and looking for new chairs for the living room, had lunch with a good friend and lastly went to the dermatologist who promptly used her bottle to burn off 4 pre-cancerous spots on my face and 4 spots on my arms! Gotta always remember to put sunscreen on..........Especially living in Arizona!

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