Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

My family has been attending a fabulous Halloween party for the last 5 years now. The party is held at the Boojum Tree owned by one of my FNQ buddies. So here we all are in our Tie-Dye shirts that we made a couple of weekends ago. Don't we look cool? No! We are NOT hippies! We are a 70's Rock band! At the beginning of the evening we all had rocks hanging from a rubber band which was tied onto a belt loop on our pants. Get it? ROCK on a rubber BAND?'s a little STRETCH.........but we had fun making the shirts and it was really neat to all have the same group costume!
More on the party later........
Gotta run for now.
I'm going with Jenny and Rafael for the final meeting at the wedding venue.
Wedding is TWO WEEKS from TODAY!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I am bad, bad, bad

I told you that it would be trouble if I bought an embroidery machine.......didn't I? Didn't I?
I've got my daughter's wedding in less than 2 weeks and I'm doing embroidery on this cool machine. Well...........technically the embroidery project is FOR the wedding so that is okay.......right?
My sister is coming in from Oregon and she has graciously offered to help me with the cooking on the wedding weekend ( we are having HERE at my house.....the rehersal dinner AND a luau brunch the day AFTER the wedding, plus just feeding everyone who is staying at my house!) AND my mother has offered to try to keep up with all the dirty dishes...........I figured that the LEAST I could do was to make aprons for them..........right?
Here they are:
Pretty cool aprons!
What started this apron craze was my HUSBAND!
He is going to India on Saturday and wanted to take aprons for his team of 10 people. Yes.......I embroidered 10 of these puppies! So he ordered aprons from a company on the internet and wanted a heart and TLC embroidered on them. I think that the "TLC" stands for Test Leadership Cooks. Something about making a statement about having too many cooks in the kitchen! I guess he is going to have his team wear these aprons (and chef's hats) to a meeting that they are all attending. Whatever...........!
So the aprons came in packs of 6 and he needed there were 2 left over.
I had such fun designing these aprons. I really love my new machine. It is so much fun designing things on it. I knew I would love it............I knew it would take me away from things I really need to be making curtains for my living room and cleaning bathrooms and such........but it was really fun. Guess I can clean bathrooms tomorrow......right?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I took a day off from "wedding plans" and did some embroidery yesterday.

I made two really cute shirts.............

I also learned how to put screws in concrete block so I could hang decorative items in my garden. That involves using a drill to make holes, then screwing in a masonry screw. I can't say that I enjoy doing that........the drill kinda of scares me. But I do like hanging stuff up. It's probably good that the drilling process scares me............I'd have holes all over the fence!
Today I am working on my last customer quilt before the wedding. I need to finish that up so I can clean up my studio space. Then Mike can hang the curtain rods and I can make the curtains that go in there! I still have alot to do, but things are starting to come together!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Go Coyote's!

I attended the Coyote Hockey game last night with Mike, Brian and Jen. Now.........most of you know that I am not a huge sports fan. But I did have fun watching all the different people and I always enjoy being with my kids. We ran into quite a few people that we know too!

Mike and his buddy Steve worked really hard yesterday cutting a huge branch off of the Euclyptus tree that resides by our house. This past monsoon season we had 4 major branches snap off and land on our roof. This big branch seems to be dying and keeps spewing off dead leaves by the thousands into the pool!

Did I mention that Mike is really afraid of heights?

Jenny and I worked on filling all of the wedding favor boxes! Phew! That's all done!