Sunday, October 11, 2009

Camp Reach for the sky Quilts

One of the charities that I support is Camp Reach for the Sky.
I've blogged about it before..........
Rosie's Calico Cupboard in San Diego, CA visits a camp
for kids who have cancer and each one of those children
AND thier siblings get a quilt.
The quilts are pieced and quilted by volunteers
and I happen to be one of those volunteers.
This is one of my most recent quilt tops that I have
quilted. I like to try out different patterns on these quilts.
On this quilt I used designs from "Flower Power"
by Diana Phillips. I really enjoy making flower centers
in blocks!
Close up:

The following quilt is also for Camp Reach for the sky:

On this quilt I used "More Meandering Magic"
by Suzanne Earley. I quilted butterflies in the
outside border, so I chose a meandering butterfly
pattern to do in the center.
I've been asked to quilt butterflies on a quilt before
and I never really had a pattern or something to look
at to do this, so when I found this I figured that this
quilt would be a great place to try it out!

We are off to go and deliver these quilts to San Diego
tomorrow and then we'll be going on a short cruise!
Mike had 5 more vacation days to take and the only
way I can get him NOT to work on his vacation is to take
him out to sea!
I'll let you know how that goes!