Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hurray! I'm Baaaack!

It's about time. Yesterday I put a charity quilt-top on the long-arm to quilt. I've been kinda dreading quilting lately and finding any and every reason NOT to quilt. You see, the last couple of quilts that I worked on was very frustrating and a little painful. When I hurt my elbows back in late September I just didn't stop and give them time to heal. Pretty stupid on my part, but sometimes I'm not a very patient person. When I finally went to the doctor I knew that I would have to stop quilting for awhile and that really didn't set very well with me.

At any rate.............I"m Baaaacccck! Hurray! I'll admit that I still have a small bit of discomfort in the elbows, but a month of physical therapy and lots of time resting has really paid off. I just need to approach this slowly and LISTEN to my body!

So this is my first quilt...........I started on a Quilt of Valor that has been hanging in my closet since last MAY! I didn't do alot of fancy quilting, but wanted to check out my tension and get into a rhythm. I was afraid that with so much time away from the machine I may had lost the touch! The quilting went great and during the process I remembered how much I love to machine quilt!

Here is a picture of the finished quilt:

And some block details:

This Quilt of Valor was pieced by my friend MaryAnn.

I'll give the top back to her, she will bind it and send it off to the Quilts of Valor organization where it will be given to a returning soldier at one of the medical centers.

On a personal note..........Mike and I took Jenny and Rafael to the airport EARLY on Sunday morning. They left for thier Kauai Honeymoon.
Please note the shirts they are wearing! I embroidered them for a bridal shower gift. Jenny insisted that she have the "honey", not the "mooner" on her shirt!

Don't they look happy?
(Duh, who wouldn't........when they are on thier way to Hawaii?)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

FNQ night

On Friday I attended the monthly meeting of the Friday Night Quilters. We are a group of 12 women who have met for quite a few years now. Last year 4 of our members embarked on a new endevor......we started a Round Robin as shown in one of the issues of "Quilters Home" magazine.

We all started with making a center square and filling a bag with fabrics that we wanted to be used in our quilt. The square was then passed on to one of the group who added a border around the beginning square. This continued for 4 rounds.

Here are the finished quilt tops. Each quilter has the option
of adding one more additional border to her quilt.

This is Linda's quilt:

This cat themed top belongs to Sharon:

This nautical themed quilt is Kerry's:

And this one is mine:

This was really a fun project designed to stretch our creativity and also
give us a challange.