Saturday, July 10, 2010


I finally got to spend some time in my studio today and this
is one of the things that I made.
Well, all I really did was embroider Mia's name on this little dress.
Oh, and I did make the headband to match.
You can buy the stretchy ribbon at Hobby Lobby and just
sew it together.
I also bought at Hobby Lobby a bouquet of flowers and I pulled
off the flower head, removed the hard plastic part, hot glue gunned
the petals together and then hot glued it onto a hair clip
so it can be mixed and matched with various headbands and outfits.

I also spent some time ironing the baby clothes I had handwashed
earlier in the day.
I took such care with them because they were mine when I was little.
I remember a story that my mom told me about my
cousin Diane coming to visit from California and helping mom
iron my little dresses. 
WOW!  I ironed those little dresses today and it was
a heck of alot of work!!!!
It made me pretty thankful for the wash and wear type fabrics
that I had when my kids were little.  I can't imagine having to iron
all of my kids clothing!
I think the dress on the right was my Christening dress.
Here is my baby girl at 41 weeks.
Hopefully I'll be a grandma very soon!

grammy tammy

Friday Night Quilters

Last night I enjoyed a very nice evening filled with
good friends, good food, and really good quilts!

Here are some pictures of my talented friends
and some of the projects they have been working on.

Joanne with a couple of Alzheimers quilts that
are ready to be sent in to be auctioned
to raise money for Alzheimer's.

Mary's quilt
This is the quilt that we made for
Linda after her bed-bug experience at quilt camp.
It is hanging on her wall.

Katrina's out of this world quilt.
It has another name, but I can't seem to remember what it is!
Cheryl recently returned from a trip to Bali!
While there she made this batik panel.
She drew the design on paper, then drew it with wax before
she applied the paint colors to this piece.

She also made the jewerly she is wearing while in Bali.
Sharon has been busy finishing Quilts!

Sharon again.
I think Mary might have gotten the prize for the most finished tops.

Mary was given a patchwork dog like this when her twin girls were born, so she decided to duplicate it!
More from Mary.

I didn't have anything to show last night so I have decided to spend the afternoon doing some sewing!!!!

til next time,
Happy Quilting!