Thursday, April 5, 2012

E is for............

This is a silly little post really, but earrings are what I have chosen to write about tonight!

I have alot of earrings.  
Pretty much all of them are costumey stuff, but I still like them.
So what do you do with them all?  
How do you store them.....and then find them when
you want them?

Well for a long time this was my solution:

Yep, that's right.
You are looking at ice cube trays.
Perfect for storing small little earring pairs.
I'll probably still keep these ice cube trays around,
but here's the problem.....
I had trouble seeing them.
(Darn old EYES and short arms!
Those of you who are a "certain" age will understand!)

So here is my new solution:

A little black dress!
Pretty exciting huh?
I recently spent a week in San Diego with my parents
and my mom got me this Little Black Dress at
Isn't it so elegant?
There are a ton of little plastic pockets which will hold
earrings and bracelets and pins.
The told us at the store
that this particular item was one of 
Oprah's Favorite things
and they had trouble keeping it in stock!

Well, you ain't seen nothin yet.....

When you turn it around it has little velcro tabs 
where you can hang your necklaces!
It was only missing one crucial thing.....
If I have earrings to match the necklace I thought it would
be nice to hang them together,
So on each of the velcro tabs I added a very small
you know the kind that you might use
in braces or in very thin hair,
and it worked like a charm.

So there you have it...........My blog post about the letter "E".
So much more exciting than "Eating" or (shudder) "Exercise".
However I will pause to say that I read a pretty interesting post
by a blogger whose blog is called "Look Better Naked".
Pretty catchy title, huh?
Certainly made me look.
Rachee has a fun writing style that is enjoyable to read.
Especially her post on Belly Dancing!
Eventually this is something I'd like to try!

Have a look.

Guess that is all for now...............
Except I can't really leave the letter "E"
without wishing everyone a very
  Blessed EASTER!

Ever yours,


  1. Hey Tammy, I love earrings too. Your little black dress jewelry holder is really cool and that is a good idea you had for keeping necklaces and earrings together.
    Hope you have a happy Easter, too.

  2. I like the ice cube tray despite the shortfalls. But the dress -- too cute! Visiting from AtoZ.

  3. Love, love, love the earrings!
    Sadly I have three pair which I mix and match not due to whimsy but more because I can;t find the matches.
    I think I am totally going to treat myself to a few pairs this week.