Longarm Quilting

HeartString Quilt
Pricing List

Pricing is based on a Per Square Inch measurement.
Multipy the width x length to get Total Square Inches.
For example: 72" x 90" = 6,480 total square inches. (twin size)

Edge to Edge Freehand Quilting $ .015 - .0175 per square inch
This is the least expensive type of quilting and can include an overall puzzle piece type meander, curvy lines, hearts, swirls, stars or leaves. No special attention paid to pieced blocks or borders.
Price per square inch is determined by the density of quilting.
For the 72" x 90" quilt, charges would be $97.20 to $113.40.

Semi-custom Quilting  $.02 per square inch
In this category the body of the quilt is done in an edge to edge freehand design 
but the border is quilted in a custom freehand design
The 72” x 90” quilt would cost $129.60

Custom Quilting  $.025 - .04 per square inch
Special attention paid to all aspects of quilt top including borders, sashing, and pieced or applique blocks. Use of stencils, some ruler work and custom free-hand designs used to 
compliment your pieced or appliqu├ęd design. .
For the 72" x 90" quilt, charges would be $162.00 to $259.20.

Heirloom/Show Quilting $.04 and up.
Discussed on an individual basis

Please contact me at 602-978-3007
or crz4quilts@live.com

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