Sunday, September 18, 2011

Design Wall Monday

This is what is on my design wall today.
(okay, it is pictured on my table here,
but it is on my wall now!)

I had some leftover curved blocks that I put together
in this little quilt.  Initially I was planning on making
a baby quilt, but I decided on making a wall hanging instead.
It just didn't want to be a baby quilt, it wanted to be an art quilt!

I drew out this guitar shape based on the Guitar Center logo,
since I really didn't want to cover up the pretty batik fabrics.
The guitar will be black fabric and machine appliqued onto the top.

Head on over to Judy Laquidera's blog and check out
what is on the design wall of many other quilters!
Prepare to be inspired!

Speaking of inspiring.......Here is a picture of my sweet little granddaughter.
I put her in front of the sewing machine every chance I get!  I am hoping to grow a new quilter!  Mia just turned one a couple of months ago, so of course she can't really sew on the machine yet, but I put my hands on her little hands and we guide the fabric thru the machine together.  (while talking about keeping our little fingers a good distance from the sharp needle!)
Don't you just love rapt attention Mia is giving this project?  Do you think I may have an aspiring quilter on my hands?   Hope so!

Hope you have a great Monday!


  1. Oh my -- love Mia sewing. Mine just turned one... and I would never have thought to start her this young. Especially since her mom sews and probably wouldn't appreciate Sophi asking to help all the time. Of course, she needs to acquire a lot more words to do that!

    Your guitar wall hanging is wonderful. Those colors look so great together and I love the guitar design... wonderful.

  2. I love you plan for an art quilt. Can't wait to see it.

  3. This is a great plan! Had to laugh at your Guitar Center model--I used a Gibson Guitar in one of those catalogs as a model for perle-cotton quilting on the corner of the quilt I made my DH!

    Mia is too cute.

  4. Your wall hanging is going to be beautiful! You look like you are having fun teaching your granddaughter about sewing, hopefully she'll be a future quilter.

  5. Bonnie, you should definetely introduce Sophi to the sewing machine. Mia only lasts about 5 minutes, but she really is attentive. I started her as soon as she could hold her head up! lol I wanted her to get used to the sounds that the machine made.

  6. Robin....I will definetely put a picture up as soon as it is done. I got the black applique positioned on the quilt yesterday. Now I need to do the applique stitches.

  7. Annie.....we just have to take our design inspiration from wherever we can get it! The Guitar Center logo appealed to me because I didn't want to cover up my pretty batik fabrics! I LOVE batiks!

    Connie, I have a ton of fun with my granddaughter. I've even had her "quilting" on the longarm!

  8. And I notice she's got her tape measure ready should she need it...