Comfort Quilts

HeartString Comfort Quilts Update
April 2012

Donated Quilts

These 6 quilts were donated to Project Linus.

The West Valley Project Linus organization takes in and gives out locally over 400 quilts a month. 

One additional quilt was given to a very ill and 
very special young lady
whose mother and grandmother help to make these quilts.
I'll never forget the brief smile I received from this sick little girl
when I gave her a quilt.
Made my heart happy to think that the quilts we make bring
a small measure of comfort to a child in need.

Finished Quilts : 8

Binding Stage : 2
To be Quilted: 3

Finished tops that need backs pieced: 2

Complete Kits that need to be pieced: 5

Click Here to read about Kathy and I's February 2012 visit to donate some quilts to the West Valley Project Linus.

Want to read about our very first comfort quilt gathering?  Click Here to see the pictures of all of the fabric sorting, kit making, piecing, irong, and longarm quilting that went on that day!  We worked hard, but it was really fun working on something that we all feel passionate about.

Please check back as I will be adding a list of all the wonderful ladies who have participated by donating fabric, batting, backing, and their talents piecing these quilts together.

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