Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Diamondbacks win!

I spent a very nice evening with Brian, Rafael & Jenny
at the Diamondbacks game tonight.
which is always nice.

Friday, July 10, 2009

It's time to paint!

Uh, oh.........I've got the paint out again............

Last summer before our daughters wedding we decided

to finally get new carpet.

Well, you know that when you get new carpet

then you need to paint beforehand

and when you paint and get new carpet

then the old furniture looks, well, old.

So I made this decision to paint an accent wall in my hallway

and living room this color:

I happen to really like turquiose, but I just couldn't

seem to make it matter what I tried.

Yesterday I ended up painting this lovely blue OVER

the turquiose using a faux painting technique that

allows the turquoise to show thru a little.

So this is what the wall looks like now:

I've got a beautiful quilt that this wall will frame nicely!

I've just got to get my son to come over and help me move

furniture around before I start putting stuff on the wall!
Of course you know that this means that I start
all over...........Curtains will need to be changed now...
kitchen paint looks out of place with the new paint
and on and on and on.........

I also managed to finish up this quilt for Gail yesterday.

And just this afternoon I put some quilting stitching on
this quillow for our friends young son who will be 3 years old in August.

Now I"m off to the store to try and match up some silver
thread that I have been using on my Haunted House embroidery.
I sure hope that I can find the same color!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I sure wish we were back in San Diego!
This is Mike and I at La Jolla Cove near what
used to be the Children's Pool.
It was a great place for kids to swim in the ocean
because of that curved walkway which sheltered
the beach from strong waves.
Now the seals have taken over the beach and there
are alot of "Preserve the Seal" folks there that
don't want the seals disturbed and don't even want
people to step foot on the beach!

Here is another quilt I discovered at my mom's house.
I made it for her a couple of years ago and I don't think
she has even used it!
I made her get it and use it out on the swing in the
backyard. I like my quilts to be used!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

This and that.......

Lookee what I found on my mom's bed...........

This is a pillow that I made for her back in the very early 1980's.

Upon closer inspection you will see that it is HAND QUILTED

with contrasting thread no less!

You hardly ever catch me hand quilting anymore!

I can remember when that red & white flower fabric

was a curtain hanging in mom's bathroom!

Have you ever had one of those days

where you just don't know how to feel?

While working in my studio today I listened to/watched

the memorial service for Michael Jackson.

While I really enjoyed MJ music, I'm not really a person

given to "worshiping" stars.

But I've got to say that I was really impressed with the

service today. It was part a rememberance, part performance,

part spiritual, and sometimes part platform for another agenda.

The cynical side of me saw people using this time to promote something other than the purpose of the day.

But the side of me that feels deeply saw people of great faith

saying goodbye to a person who did some incredible things on this earth.

While I spent much of the day processing my feelings about all the hoopla

a bomb went off in my quilt studio!

Actually I decided to look in my closet to see if I could find any

large pieces of batting to use for a charity quilt.

And I ended up completely emptying the closet

and spend alot of the day sorting thru a STUFF!

What a mess!

While listening and sorting I also finished

up Block 5 in my Haunted House wallhanging:

And I also put together a quillow for a friends little boy.
It's not quite all finished yet........just needs to go on the longarm
for a few stitches.........maybe I'll finish that tomorrow.......
But for's bedtime!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Road Trip Part 2

Our final destination in our road trip was San Diego
to visit with my parents.

They have been "competing" in the "Great Tomato Race".
Mom is growing her cherry tomatoes in a traditional pot,
while dad is using a Topsy Turvy planter that I got him for Father's day.
They both have tomotoes, but dad's is having
some sort of problem with his. It'll be interesting to see how this goes as time goes on!

One of my absolute favorite places to eat in the San Diego area
is the Chicken Pie Shop located in North Park.

They serve up the most delicious chicken pot pie dinner
with mashed potatoes, gravy, cole slaw, veggie,
dinner roll and pie.
All for the ridiculously low price of about $5.50.

However, when the restaurant opened the price for the
dinner was $.45

Here I am enjoying this amazing dinner!

Mom and Dad have 2 kitties. This is Patch

And this is Pumpkin!

I also delivered one of the Camp Reach for the Sky quilts

to Rosies Calico Cupboard while in San Diego.
And when you are at Rosie's you have to
stop in at
The Quilted Rose
right next door.

On Saturday we spent some time down
near Mission Beach having breakfast there
and then driving over to LaJolla Coves.

It was really hard to come back to 100+ temperatures here in Phoenix!

Design Wall Monday

This is what is on my design wall this monday morning:

The quilt belongs to Liz who will be coming
today to pick it up. Then I will be laying out
another quilt that I need to be putting together.

Also on the design wall is the 4 blocks of the
Anita Goodesign Haunted House project
which I hopefully will be adding to today!

Check out Judy Laquidara's blog for more Design Wall Monday Postings.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

It's good to be home!

Mike and I headed out EARLY last Thursday morning.....
headed toward Los Angelos.
As you can see we encountered some dinosaurs on the way!
I'm sitting on a foot! Can you see me?

Our first stop on this trip was at M&L Fabrics
in Anaheim, California.
I love M&L Fabrics!
It is a huge warehouse that is filled with bolts upon
bolts of fabric! We were there about 1 1/2 hours
and I was tired of looking at fabric by that time!
Can you believe it?

This is what I purchased:

All of these fabrics have a purpose..............
And thier purpose was listed in my new Design Journal.
I really really love my new Design Journal!
It helped out tremendously!

After driving 6 hours and spending 1 1/2 hours
at M&L, we had the pleasure of having lunch with one of our
absolute favorite families...........

We met Eric and Lyn way back in the early 80's in South Africa.
We've lived together, lived oceans apart and miles
apart but our friendship has always been a close one.
I emailed Lyn on Wednesday last week
(the day before we left)
and asked if they were available to meet up for lunch.
Not only did Eric and Lyn come, but they were able
to round up the whole family!!!!!
I was thrilled and very touched!

This is the newest member of the fam.
She sure is a cutie!

Our travels continue tomorrow..................