Monday, April 30, 2012

Z is for Zumba!

A couple of months ago my dancing group started doing ZUMBA!
We've been dancing for over a year or so and while doing the ChaCha
our instructor thought we all needed help with our "Latin hips", so
we switched to ZUMBA for awhile.

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WELL!  I gotta tell ya.........the morning after we switched my American hips told
me in no uncertain terms that they 

This very morning (so perfect for my Z post) 
I slipped the Zumba DVD into
the player and spent about 45 minutes 
on the Beginning moves tape.
Some of the beginning moves are pretty slow and pokey,
 but some of them,
like the Reggaton moves, 
I am pretty happy to be going through slowly.
While I'm looking forward to graduating to the 
regular dance songs I'm pretty
sure that in the morning my body will 
thank me for moving slowly through these moves.

In the past exercise for me has been in the form of 
hiking the mountain, which I really
enjoy until spring when the rattlers start showing up on the trails.  Snakes scare me!
I like to swim but the pool water is not quite warm enough yet.  
Jazzercise was a lot of fun, but for me it was a 2 hour commitment......1/2 hour before
and after the class for prep and driving time.  
A few years back I walked on a daily basis training 
to participate in the 
Susan G. Koman 3Day Breast Cancer Walk.  
It was fun walking and training with my friend, 
but walking by myself is way to slow for me.  
Biking is more my speed now!
Of course it'll soon be too hot here in AZ to bike.............

Excuses, Excuses!

I'm hoping that I'll enjoy these Zumba workouts!
Do you Zumba?

What do you do to stay in shape?  
What are your best excuses NOT to exercise?


  1. Never tried Zumba - yet! Congrats on making it through the challenge. We did it! I'm following - better late than never :)

    1. Hi Martha! Thanks for your comment!
      I love your picture.....makes me want to go to the beach!

  2. Nope, I've never tried it. I feel like I'd be horrible at it because I can't dance and I'm completely uncoordinated. LOL Walking on the treadmill is more my speed. And that's something I need to start doing again--just as soon as I finish this bag of chocolate chips. ;)

    1. I found a box of delicious chocolate nuggets filled with Raspberry cream that I enjoyed after my short zumba session yesterday!
      Jazzercise always makes me feel clumsy and uncoordinated too. I suspect that zumba will too. Doing this in the privacy of my own home might help! lol.

  3. My fingers are in great shape -- they have gotten lots of exercise this month especially!! What are you going to do tomorrow?? The Challenge is over!

    1. It is kinda weird..........I feel like I should be thinking of something to write about today!

  4. Wow! I am so impressed by your exercise programme. You will be fit and healthy for sure. I have not been so good with exercising and it shows. Your inspiration should help me get back on track again.

  5. Wow!your exercise programme is awesome. I have not been doing so well this but need to get into it again. Weight gain is not a good thing for me, thanks for your inspiration!

  6. And the winner is...check out today's blog post to claim your award:) Happy Saturday to you!

  7. Hey Tammy! I just nominated you for the Liebster Blog award :) Check it out!

  8. Hello.
    Visiting from the post A-Z Road Trip.

    I don't do Zumba, but I can tell you I know how to move my hips! LOL
    I do workout everyday. I have a Total Gym which saves me from going to the gym and the bonus is I can even exercise in my pajamas, as I often do. 10-15 minutes/day first thing in the morning and I'm done. Good luck with your routine and keeping fit. Thanks for sharing.

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