Saturday, April 18, 2009

More T-shirt quilts

T-shirt quilts are full of such memories for people.
The t-shirt squares below symbolize am important moments in the quiltmakers life.
I had the pleasure of quilting this top that the quiltmaker pieced.
This lady graduated in 1955. Hence the Disney 55 shirt.
She is a grandmother, plays bunko, loves to shop, and used to work at a firecracker booth in Oklahoma when she was growing up.
There is a square to symbolize all of these events.
She has a 2 squares to show where she has worked.
She has a square that shows the popular song when she was a teenager. There is a square that shows the re-enactment of the Oklahoma Land rush that reminds her that her grandfather participated in the ACTUAL land rush.
Numerous sports teams are included.
I could go on and on, but you get the idea.
It was a great quilt.

This next quilt is one that I did pieced, appliqued and quilted.

A mom came to me and asked me to make a quilt from her daughters cheerleading shirts.

The shirts start out in Junior high and end up with college.

Truly a timeline of this girls life.

I stabalized each shirt with interfacing, then cut them into squares.

Many of the shirts were not big enough to fill the square so I appliqued many of them onto a foundation square. (It seems as the girl got older her shirts got smaller........go figure!)

One of the squares feature both the little souffe shorts AND the top that was worn!

My client wanted the quilt to be quilted in an all-over pattern instead of
each square being quilted individually. So this is what the back of the quilt looks like:

I spent the morning in my garden.
It is a glorious day here in Phoenix today.

Friday, April 17, 2009

T-shirt memory quilts

One of my favorite quilts to make and quilt are t-shirt quilts.
Awhile back I wrote about a lady who called me early one Saturday morning and asked me what I would charge to quilt a quilt. Well......that is a really hard question to answer without seeing the size of the quilt and without knowing how much quilting a person wants. So I started asking "What are the demensions of the quilt?", "Do you like alot of quilting or just a little?", "What type of quilt is it?, "Is it contemporary or traditional?"
Well, it turned out that this woman had not even started the quilt yet. She was taking her very first quilting class THAT VERY DAY! So I gave her a ballpark low and high cost estimate and figured that I'd never hear from her again.
So the story goes................she called me the very next evening and had her quilt ALMOST FINISHED! and needed some guidance on what I required for quilting it! As you might imagine, I was very surprised!
When she brought me the quilt she said "This might be the only quilt I ever make"................ WELL! She just picked up her 4th quilt yesterday! and when she did she brought me pictures of one of the finished quilts on her daughter's bed.
She also took it a step further and made pillow shams to match. I know that I have already posted pictures of the flat shams that I quilted, but I wanted to post the completed shams with the quilt on the bed.
It just looks so cool!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's been awhile since I've written...........

so I have lots of stuff to write about now!

We celebrated Brian's 25th birthday by going to a wine tasting at Bacchus. I made Mint brownies to share with the group.

The picture below was AFTER we did the tasting! See how

all of our faces are a little flushed? See how RED my face and neck are? I can't ever have a drink without getting super red! Oh! and it gets that way after only ONE drink!

What a lightweight!

The night before Easter Mike and I had all of the kids over to celebrate.

We did the traditional Ham dinner.

And while the boys watched TV and drank wine............

The girls colored Easter eggs.

We started a new tradition.

Actually it is a tradition that Ed used to do.
He always colored the very last egg and it was an
Everything Egg.
He dunked the egg into every single dye bath color.
You never knew quite what color the egg would end up.
But that mystery was part of the fun.

Jen finished sewing the last bit of binding on the baby quilt she was making.

Here is the finished product:

Jen learned how to do piecing and applique on this quilt.
She also quilted it on the longarm and applied a piped binding by machine, but finished it up by hand sewing it in place and hand sewing a label.
She really learned alot and is ready for the next project!

We started out our Easter Sunday by going to a sunrise service, taking a carload of stuff over to the new house, having a scrumptious breakfast outside in the beautiful weather, taking another load over, searching for Easter eggs and then going over to Darcy's to have Easter dinner with the extended family.

Tammy, Jenny, Rafael, Jen
Mike & Brian
Easter Sunday April 2009
What a beautiful family!
I am so lucky!
Don't you agree?

We ended the day by moving the last load over to the kids' new house. The kids spent the first night in thier new house on Easter Sunday.

Here are the proud homeowners:

My last post said that we had a case of chicken pox in the house. Well, the Urgent care doc was wrong. After a couple of days of the anti-viral meds Rafael's rash did NOT get any got WORSE. So I got him into our regular doc and it was diagnosed as another type of rash. He seems to be getting better now. We think it might have come from contact with a rug he was taking out of his NEW HOUSE!

I've been doing alot of quilting lately, but have not taken pictures as of yet. This quilt pictured below is one of a series of three that this quilter has made. The quilt top is made from Route 66 fabric and the quiltmaker wanted me to quilt things on this top that would represent things seen on the road, like cactus, sun, mountains, etc. I added a palm tree, cars, road signs, clouds, birds, a hot air balloon and a couple of "big rigs". Unfortunately on the picture below you cannot see these details.

But here is a detail shot of the back of the quilt:

I have been really monitoring my quilting time.
I finally got word back from my doctor and it seems that I have some disc problems in my neck and back and he wants me to see a specialist.
Reluctantly I made the appointment, but also got on the internet and got more information about this condition.
Looks like the next step is shots and then surgery.
Since I"m not wild about either of these options,
I have been trying to follow some steps to "heal" this bulging disc problem.
I found a site where this chiropractic doctor lists specific steps to do this.
The first being to ice the area frequently.
(I'm icing as I write this post!)
So I have been faithfully icing about 3-4 times a day!
and doing one of the exercises he recommends.
It has made a difference! I quilt for awhile, then ice for 20 minutes, quilt some more, ice some more.
Since I can't see the specialist for another 2 weeks I figure that I have nothing to lose by trying these steps!

AND since I've had to spend a chunk of time sitting and icing.........I READ! A win-win situation in my book! I just finished up the 3rd in the "Twilight" series. I think it might be time to go to the library and get the last of the series!

Phew, I guess I'm done for now!