Thursday, May 6, 2010

Babies, Boppies and Bumbos, Oh MY!

Babies are such a precious gift from God.

Just look at this adorable baby!
This sweet little girl was
a pleasure to hold.
She is 2 1/2 weeks old here.
Such a blessing!

But Man!
Things have really changed since I had my babies!

Like this really cool pillow
called a Boppy.
It is used primarily for nursing mothers,
but can also be used to offer support for your
little one while learning to sit.
I've been trying to figure out a cover for the boppy
that can be taken off and washed.
They do sell them, but I like to make things.
My first attempt was unsuccessful, but lo and behold
I just googled Boppy cover pattern and found
several different blogs with patterns.
I actually tried out the Boppy myself and found
that maybe I need one myself.
I can just see me leaning back with my arms
and a good book resting on a Boppy!

Another cool new baby item is the BUMBO!
The bumbo is a cool little molded seat
that completely supports a baby while sitting.
They also make fantastic table centerpieces
as shown in the above picture!
The little tray is an extra feature that
can be snapped on when needed.

My Jenny girl had another beautiful shower this
past Sunday and was extremely blessed
to receive many nice things for baby Mia.
It was a very nice day, well,
except for the gale force winds blowing things around.
One of the party go-ers asked me if I had a storm cellar!
But all in all a fabulous day,
the wind just added some character!

At the end of the day Jenny and Rafael got
to marvel and reflect on the miracle of life
and dream about their upcoming blessing.

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