Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It has been a busy week!

Merry Christmas Everyone!
The last few weeks have been very busy ones!
I sure hope that everyone has had a very happy
holiday season. I am so blessed to have so many
wonderful people in my life.

Christmas Eve was spent attending church then going
home for a lasagne dinner.
We opened gifts with the kids this night since we would
be driving to San Diego early Christmas morning.

One of our family tradions that our grown
kids still enjoy is searching for
the very last gift that Santa
used to hide in the tree.
This year the kids searched and searched.....

They used stools...........
Flashlights were used............
They stood on chairs......

The gift was finally found and a good time was
had by all!

Here we are in San Diego.
My brother and I went in together to get our mom
a new computer for Christmas.
Mike and Rafael installed it and
here is mom using the new computer.
Jenny always like to visit the Children's Pool
in LaJolla when we go to San Diego.
This is a cool little manmade cove
that was dedicated to the children.
It used to be a great place for kids to
swim in the ocean while being protected
from the ocean waves.
But now the seals have taken over the beach,
and the kids can no longer use it.
At any rate.......we always visit when nearby.
No trip to San Diego is complete with visiting
the Chicken Pie Shop in North Park.
This restaurant has been open since 1938!

It is good to be home.
I have lots of quilts to work on
and projects to finish.
The New Year is coming.......
where did 2009 go?

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