Sunday, December 13, 2009

It takes a village.........

Wow! What a busy weekend.

I started off on Friday night with a Christmas party with my
Friday Night Quilters group. We ate and exchanged little giftlets
and had a Christmas gift exchange where we all bring one gift and
then we play the stealing game. Fun night.

While I was at the party my kids went to the airport to pick
up my husband who had been in India for 2 weeks.
It sure is nice to have him home.
On Saturday we decorated Gingerbread houses with our kids
and some kids that we borrowed for the event.
Christmas is always more fun when there are children to share it with
and we sure do enjoy Kelly and Brandy.

Here we are at the end with our houses all decorated and all
lined up like a village.

Mike and I with our house.
Here you see MY side of the house.
The little kids got a little house all their own to decorate.
The big kids had to share a big house.

Brian and Jen also shared a house. They split it down the
middle........Brian did a side and the front and Jen did a side
and the back. This is Brian's side. He made a fire outside
and also a water fountain.....pretty creative.

Jenny and Rafael, who are just married a little over a year,
planned how to decorate their entire house together.
Ahhh, how sweet..........

Here they are working on it........gotta have that tongue placed

just right to get that candy on straight.

Brian and Jen creating their masterpiece with Kelly looking on.

Hummmm...........let me think...........Is there really enough candy here?

Mike was adding a little more to the back.

Gingerbread village workshop.

We even took a little break to go around the corner to feed
the reindeer!

Today I attended a really fun party hosted by one of the ladies that
I quilt for. Barbara was having a "Quilt Showing".
She displayed all of the t-shirt quilts that she had made for her grandsons
which will be given to them this Christmas. The party was well attended by
alot of very nice ladies. I had a great time.

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