Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year 2010!

Well, We've done it!

Started a brand new year full of possibilities!

Do you make a New Year's Resolution?

Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't

but this year I have made one.

My resolution is that I am going to FOCUS!

I tend to be the type of person lately that

does about 3-4 things all at once!

I could be cooking and doing dishes and then

start thinking about a quilting project so I leave

the dishes and go downstairs to work on the quilting

forgetting completely about that might be in the oven

leading to disastous results, not to mention that the

dishes are left undone.

So this year I plan on Focusing on one thing at a time

and completing it before I move on.

BE in the moment.

Enjoy where I am at the time.

Complete a project and have that wonderful feeling of accomplishment.

So to begin this new behavior I cleaned up the kitchen today!

Dishes, counters, and floors are all clean.

The lemons that needed juicing after making Limoncello are juiced

AND already made into lemonade

AND the rinds were cut up and placed in the compost pile!

BUT! While remaining the the moment and completing the task

I decided that I was going to design a Quiltlet to keep me on track!

AND I will be designing a quiltlet for each month of the year

and posting it here on my blog!

So stay tuned and check back soon for the completed project

AND instructions!

I rewarded myself after my cleaning session in the kitchen by

sitting outside in the beautiful sunshine in my garden and starting

the quiltlet design!

I hate to do a post without a picture so I am including this one from

our wine tasting experience from 2 nights ago.

We had a lovely time and tasted some really wonderful red wines
from Italy! Bacchus is a wonderful place!

Til next time.....
Happy quilting!


  1. Hello Tammy! It is a well resolution. I also tend to be several things at once and sometimes can't. Here in Puerto Rico say a saying -"You can not cook two rabbits at once because you can burn one of them._ "

  2. Sita..........Unfortunately I would
    probably burn BOTH rabbits!
    Love the saying....thanks for sharing!