Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hello's been awhile

I'm not really sure why I haven't posted lately, but it sure
has been awhile. I guess when I get on the computer I tend
to get distracted by soooooooooo many things.........I love
reading other people's blogs, and I enjoy facebook and I
like looking at quilting sites and maybe learning new things.
Before you know it I've spent ALOT of time on the computer!
AND not very much time WORKING!
Does anyone else have this problem?
I HAVE been busy lately. I"ve finished up QUITE a few projects.
Here are some of them:
This is Margaret's quilt.
I met Margaret about 8 years ago at Quilt Camp in the Pines.
She happened to be staying at the dorms at Northern Arizona University
(this is where the camp was being held) and my son was considering
attending NAU. So I asked Margaret if my son and his friend could
come in her room and have a look at what a real college dorm room
looked like. What a sweet lady. Then and now.
Margaret is 85 and when she came to pick up this quilt she brought
with her an 88 year old friend who was visiting from Colorado.
I can only hope to be in as good shape as these two ladies when I am
that age. Margaret's friend goes to the gym and has a trainer!
I'm pretty sure she is in better shape than I am NOW!
Guess it is something to aspire to!
This is a close-up of Margaret's quilt.
Finally a group shot of my Friday Night Quilters.
What a fine group of ladies!
I think that the last time we were all together was in January!
Everyone looks great in this picture..........except me.........
I have my eyes closed!
Guess I needed the rest.......?
Another finished quilt:
This quilt belongs to Liz and is called Lavender Fields.
The picture does not do this quilt justice.
It was a really sweet little quilt.....pastel and beautiful!

I included this picture of my quilting machine so I could
tell you my sad tale of woe.
Unfortunately during the last month I've started having
some problems with driving this machine! It would get hard
to push in some areas and then fly away in others. It
was REALLY hard to control and because I had to keep such
a tight reign on the handles my whole body would hurt after
only a short quilting session.
So I do what I do best when I have a problem............I avoid it!
Well, not really, but it is what I WANTED to do!
I tried getting out my manual and looking up the problem.
After identifying the problem I tried to make the adjustments
on my own, only making matters worse!
Fortunately APQS has a wonderful tech support and Christine
walked me thru all the adjustments I needed to make.
And after getting Mike's help with a few things that needed a stronger
arm than I have, my machine is working just like new!
What a relief!

Because my quilting machine was not working as well as I needed
it to I just couldn't bring myself to put a customer quilt on and work
on it. So I started pulling out some of MY projects that I could
have on the frames so I could work on the adjustments I needed.
This quilt is Jenny's shower quilt.
It was signed by many people who wished Jenny and Rafael
much happiness in thier marriage.
I gave it to them on their one year anniversary!

Close-up of the center square on which I embroidered their
names and wedding date:

Remember all those tablerunners that I made at camp? was quick to piece them, but then they have
to be finished! So while my quilting machine was being
squirrelly I quilted some of these runners.
Here a just a few.....I think I finished at least 2 or 3 more of these
during the last 2 weeks!

Guess that is it for now!

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  1. You have been busy, it is the pits when your machine is not working the way it should. The quilts are lovely and you should be proud of your self Jennys quilt is wonderful what a great idea.Hugs Bec