Thursday, December 3, 2009

Finished quilts and things.......

It has been awhile since I have actually posted pictures
of some of my finished projects........
I made up these little bibs for the little ones who
were going to be at the Thanksgiving dinner that my
family attended.
I just loved the saying "My Family is THANKFUL for ME!"
Ain't it the truth!

This was a top that I quilted for a customer.
I believe that it started with a panel
and the name of it is "Glory"
When she dropped it off I told that I probably
wouldn't get it done before Christmas.......
that way I could hang it in MY house during the season!
Yeah, she picked it up yesterday!

Another t-shirt quilt made by a first time quilter!
My friend Barbara who made her very first quilt
not too long ago is now teaching her friends!
This quilt was made by Joan for her 1st granddaughter Alison.

Each and every square of the quilt holds a special
memory for Joan and Alison.
This square was made from a VERY tattered baby blanket.
It was pieced together in four places to even get a 15" square!
Joan delighted in telling me the story of each block.
It appears that one of Alison's favorite phrases is that
"This is me.....and the world revolves around"
When Barbara found this shirt (at Savers!) she knew
that it would need to be included in Alison's quilt.
I quilted a princess crown in the middle along
with Alison's name and birthdate.
Alison became engaged while in Germany.
Her husband to be asked her to marry him in
front of a castle in Germany.
So I quilted a castle.

Alison was in Germany to do her student teaching
so on another Germany shirt I quilted children.

London Metro shirt.
See the train?

Eiffel Tower in Paris.........

See? I have been working.........I have been working!

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