Saturday, July 18, 2009

To Wash or not to Wash

That is the question...........

Do you wash your quilt fabric before you use it?
I used to all the time.
But then some new unwashed fabric
sneaked into my stash.
And I started making sample quilts for a store
and they wanted the fabric unwashed.
I love how unwashed quilt tops slightly shrink up
after the completed quilt is washed.
It makes them look antique right away.
Now you may be wondering why I have posted a picture
of my laundry hanging out to dry.........
Well, you see that bright fushia dress?
I always separately hand wash these dresses because they all tend
to bleed dye every single time they are washed.
Last time I washed them I used a product called Retayne.
It is supposed to "set" the dye in fabrics.
I've used it before in my finished quilt tops,
but never on a purchased article of clothing.
Well.........It was the second washing and the Retayne
worked like a charm! I used a regular laundry product
on this dress today and the Retayne (from last time)
So I would highly recommend using Retayne
if you are unsure of any of the unwashed fabrics
that you have used in your quilt tops!
I bought mine at a quilting store, but
I just checked online and it appears the
Joann fabric stores sell it as well.

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  1. You have a beautiful dresses. To wash my color clothes, I pour a teaspoon of salt in water and wash it normally. Always it works to me.