Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Road Trip!

This past Saturday morning my mama called me up and
asked me if I wanted to come over to San Diego to
have lunch with my brother and his wife from Oregon
and celebrate my Aunt's 80th birthday!
Well, I love my family and I just couldn't pass
up a chance to see them all!
So off I went.
Jenny and I left very early Sunday morning and arrived
just in time to attend the Surprise 80th Birthday Party for
my Aunt.
Here she is with her Great Grandaughter:
Hard to believe that she is a day past 60, isn't it?

One of my cousin Diane's friends made this
stunning quilt for Anne's birthday.
It has family photo's that span many, many years.
I've never had much luck with photo quilts............
maybe I should give it a try again!
This is my Mom and Dad and Aunt just after
having a very nice lunch.

In this picture you will see my brother John,
his wife Lisa, ME and my cousin Billy.

Happy Hour!
Lisa, me, Johnny and Jenny all are having
some wine with crackers and goat cheese.
It was really yummy!

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