Monday, July 13, 2009

I live in Phoenix

And it is 10PM and 107 degrees outside!

Can you believe it?

I went swimming at 6pm tonight (it was 113 then!)
to cool off and to clean the pool.
I get in the pool with a little skimmer net and clean all the leaves
and pine needles that have accumulated during the day.
You know that little place where the water pours into to go
into the filter? Well, of course there is always a fair amount of
pine needles that accumulate there. I was just about ready to
reach in and grab them (I figured it would save it from going
into the filter skimmer basket) when I saw a mysterious black
orb. I quickly did a double take and you guessed it...... was a black widow spider hanging just above the water.
Do you know how many times I have reached into that basket
from the topside of the pool? AND after dark?
I can tell you this..........I won't be doing that again until
that spider is GONE!
I posted this little quilt top earlier today.
I am still wrestling with what color to use as
the inner border.
I had purple there this morning and now I am
auditioning some pink and possibly a gold stripe.
Hopefully I will get up in the morning and will
know just what to do!
I also finished block #7 of the
Haunted House embroidery project.
It is really starting to look good!

Halloween will be here before you know it........
and I'll be ready!

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  1. I once found a large mouse in our skimmer. That was years ago and I have not reached in there since except maybe once and I used my big platex rubber gloves. 1) Find the nest of the BW Spider and kill spider and squish all eggs. 2) This is a job for one of the men in your life! Loved your fabric for the haunted mansion. Perfect! Carole