Friday, July 17, 2009

Quilting and Embroidering

That's about all I've been doing lately.
Well, I've been cleaning pools and going to quilt meetings and going to the chiropractor and trying new recipes too.
(I just made mom's braised round steak last night
and it was YUMMY!)
You know what they say about idle hands!
I finished up this lovely quilt yesterday for Cheryl.
This quilt has an interesting story. Cheryl was gifted with
a bag of SCRAPS from a friend who has a quilt shop in
Intercourse, PA. So Cheryl, clever girl that she is,
took this bag of scraps and turned
it into the lovely quilt pictured above and will be giving it
as a gift for a friend who recently had a baby.
She named the quilt "After Intercourse".
Ain't she sweet?

Cheryl wanted the top to be quilted with a sun
radiating out from the center and also wanted the
child's name, birthdate, weight and size quilted into
the body of the quilt.
Above you can barely see where I have quilted the child's name.

I attended a quilt meeting last night and was inspired by
Anne's sunflower quilt. This is something I'd like to
attempt some day and I've got just the quilt top to do it on!
Now just to get motivated to do it!

Here is the latest installment on my Haunted House project.
only 3 1/2 more squares to go!


  1. Like the quilt not sure about the name, like the sunflower quilt too

  2. Better hurry and finish Halloween, because you should see the new Christmas designs!!! Way FUN!

  3. Bec, you just have to know Cheryl to know that the name of the quilt is so totally HER! She is a wild and crazy woman! And a very sweet and caring friend too!

    I'm working on the Halloween......only 3 more squares to do!