Sunday, July 12, 2009

Technology is a wonderful thing

Have a look at how Block 6 of the Haunted House started out...
It's pretty amazing to see a plain piece of background fabric take shape
and turn into a house!

Wouldya just look at the detail in this........

It boggles my mind to imagine the technology
involved in this sewing machine of mine.

I whipped up pillowcases today for some
little pillows that I have.
Quick and easy!
Stay tuned for tomorrow's post...........
Design Wall Monday


  1. I was glad to see an update to the Halloween quilt. It is amazing. I have not had time to work on my next picture quilt as i got busy scrapbooking the Disney trip. Carole

  2. What beautiful work. It is very impressive to see how it goes into the design you want. This week I start to sew school uniforms here in Puerto Rico are used, I have a lot of work.

  3. Vanessa,
    How many school uniforms do you sew?