Sunday, April 22, 2012

S is for Sewing Scraps on Saturday

And those silly scraps spilled into Sunday!
Sorry to be so late with my "S" post!

Saturday my studio was filled with some salty Senoritas
who sewed so many scrap blocks it made my head spin!

We gathered together to sew blocks which will eventually be
made into quilts, then donated to Project Linus,
who in turn will lovingly gift them to children who are sick.  

Liz, Joanne, Pat, Eve, Jodie, Dolly, Jenny, Kathy, Mia  and Roberta (not pictured)
 had their heads down and were working intently!
Eve, the Phoenix West Valley Project Linus coordinator,  joined us today to
fill us in on how the quilts are distributed and all things Project Linus.
A job well done by all!
Thanks ladies!
These are some of the blocks that we cut and sewed in the studio on Saturday.
They are so bright and cheery!
This is what the Bullseye Quilt blocks look like when put together in a quilt.
and  features a scrappy foundation pieced border.
My kids used to take this quilt to camp with them and it has been well loved!

Another example of a scrappy Bullseye Quilt made in school colors.

One of my favorite scrappy Bullseye quilts made to look like
Sunflowers in a field using a blue background like the sky,
a green circle for leaves, a yellow circle for the flower and
a brown circle for the flower's center.

There goes Eve with a smile on her face
and her hands full of quilts
that will someday find a new home
wrapped around a child who needs a hug.

This is MY favorite Scrappy Sewer!
Not quite 2 years old and already comfortable sitting in front of the sewing machine.
Luckily her little legs don't permit her feet to reach the pedal yet!

Tune in Tomorrow for a terrific "T" tutorial.
God Bless,  tammy


  1. Years son was so sick and in the hospital for more than 2 whole weeks...appendectomy gone wrong. He still has the quilt he received from Project Linus. I never realized what it was until I saw this post. All I knew was that so many people cared and so many volunteers made such a difference while we prayed he'd pull through. Thank you so much for this post, Tammy! To be clear, he's a very healthy teenager now...but when he was such a little boy and our hearts were breaking, you guys were there! Can't leave this comment without remembering the guy who brought in the German Shepherd too. It is moments like these that give us strength through the worst times in our lives. Thank you and thanks to all the members of Project Linus! I'll have to pull out that quilt he has, so you can see it:)I'm a little teary eyed right about now, so I'll catch up with you again later. Time to get off this thing for a while. Just finished scheduling my post for tomorrow and thought I'd check in with glad I did too! Blessing and hugs, dear lady:)

    1. I couldn't wait...went and took a picture of my son's quilt and wrote a brief blog post about it. Here's a link to the post with pic:

    2. MJ.......Your comments mean the world to me! I read them late last night and I was so touched. The group of ladies whom I am honored to work with have only been doing this for about a year and I have to tell you that we never really know where the quilts go. We just have faith that our efforts will comfort a child who needs to be comforted. So to hear from a family is priceless! You made me teary eyed as well!
      One more note..........One of my dear quilter friend also takes her precious puppy to visit folks in the hospital. She brought her doggie in to visit my daughter when she was in labor with our 1st grandbaby.

  2. What a cute future sewer/quilter you have there!

    1. Thanks Glory! I've had her in front of the sewing machine since she could hold her head up by herself! I'm growing a future quilter!

  3. A new-fashioned quilting bee! I like the bullseye pattern and how different it looks depending on the fabric choices and direction.

    1. Getting together with quilters is the best Wendy!
      Those old time quilters knew what they were doing!

  4. I love it! Your quilt is beautiful and your project even more so:)
    Happy A-Zing!