Friday, April 20, 2012

R is for Recycle

Earth Day is right around the corner 
and that fits right in to what I want to talk about today.

I'm a quilter and one of the by products
of quilting is SCRAPS!
I am known as quite a hoarder saver,
and have fabric and scraps from YEARS AGO!
I used to save scraps that were at least 3" square
and then cut them up and save the 3" squares
to someday be sewn together into a quilt.
(Stop laughing Carole and Christina!)

Finally I have a solution for this hoarding saving problem.
I make Pet Beds!

I hated throwing away anything that could be used,
but honestly was starting to drown in all the scraps I had.

A friend told me about how the Human Society is
always looking for towels and pillows to use with the cats and dogs
and they also appreciate pillowcases filled with scraps!

This has really freed me of my hoarding  saving addiction
and now I keep an empty pillowcase handy and all my scraps go right 
into the pillowcase and when it is full I sew it up!
When I have a stack of them I pile them
into the car and off to the Humane Society I go.

As a matter of fact I seem to have become
the pillowcase/scrap bag drop off point!
( can't call me a bag lady)

My small effort to re-use and recycle.

I have been so inspired by a blog I have been reading
called Lots of Crochet Stitches.
You can see it Here.

I'm in the process of adding a sweet crochet scallop edge around
this fleece Receiving blanket.
Isn't it turning out great?

This is just so fun to do and 
can be done even while watching TV.
These blankets will find a home with 
Project Linus
who gives them to children who really need a warm hug.

I kind of made up my own pattern for the blanket on top.
You can see that the edging came out ruffly instead of scalloped.
So glad I stuck with it, did a little research and figured out the scallop stitch!

Have a refreshingly lovely day
and God bless.


  1. I hoard er uh save scrapbook paper scraps. I wish the Humane Society wanted paper! (And what a fun idea to combine quilting and crocheting!)

    1. At least scrapbook paper take up less room! Ask me how I know.......

  2. Wow, Tammy:) You have just inspired me. I've got a box of old sheets in my hall closet. I think I will cut them into strips and use a big fat crochet hook to make some pet beds for the Humane Society too. Thank you so much for featuring my blog today and showing me how it inspires you. What a thrill to see such humbling praise. Your projects are really neat and I'll bet we can learn a lot from each other. Sounds like you're involved in some really neat charity work...would love to find out more:)Have a great weekend, kind friend:)

    1. Tomorrow I am having a bunch of ladies over and we are sewing up quilts to eventually donate. It is always a lot of fun to work together. We sew, chat and'll be a great day.
      Wish I could think of a way to work that into an "S" the moment I am STUCK!

      Your pet bed idea sounds like a good one!

      I was working on finishing up the scallop edging on my fleece blanket tonight and a friend brought out one of those hairpin lace frames that you showed the other day. She was wondering if I knew how to use it. I'll be sending her the link to your blog!!!!

    2. So how did your day of quilting go? Hmmm...stupendous or stylish quilts maybe? Selfless Donations perhaps...I wasn't on the computer much today. Didn't even finish my "S" post til this afternoon. Wish I had seen your response probably already have your S post finished, unless you're positively too tired to mess with it tonight. I know I would be after a day of sewing like that.

      I spent some time in the garden...had to water really good because of this heat we're having. I was so happy to see some squash blossoms and my tomatoes and peppers are promising to be very productive too...looking forward to homemade salsa when everything gets ripe:)

      I also spent some time planning next week's posts...they're going to be a bit more creative, because of knit/crochet blog week. The photo challenge is Tuesday...I'm going to have a bit of fun with it.

      Talk to you soon:) Best of the evening to you, Tammy:)