Friday, April 27, 2012

X is for eXchange

One of the things that quilters love to do is eXchange things.

We eXchange fabric........Fat quarters, strips, squares......
We eXchange blocks.....pieced blocks, appliqued blocks, paper-pieced blocks.
Sometimes we even eXchange little quilts!

Hearts in the Cabin
This quilt is made with strips eXchanged with the
Friday Night Quilters.
We all made a Log Cabin quilt with the strips.
The guidelines were to make any log cabin pattern using
a red center square.  It was amazing to see how differend
all of the quilt turned out since we were all using the same
fabric strips.
This was a round robin eXchange quilt.  Each of the ladies made the center square
then passed it on to the next person with certain guidelines.
The first border had to be 3" and have triangles.
In the next round  you had to turn the quilt on point and add applique.
The next round had to contain rectangles and the last
round had to include circles.
It was a great challenge!

As part of a Springtime Mini Quilt swap
I received this sweet quilt from
Bec in Australia.

In another Mini Quilt swap I received this little quilt from
Deb in Kodiak Alaska.
Her family are fishermen!

This was a quilt I sent as part of the Mini Quilt swap to
Angela in England

Another Mini Quilt made for a Wintertime eXchange
Backside w/label

Closeup of Sharon's finished Round Robin eXchange

Closeup of Tammy's Round robin eXchange

Closeup of Linda's Round Robin eXchange

Closeup of Kerry's Round Robin eXchange.

Quilty blessings,


  1. Amazing. These are just beautiful. I don't know how you can give them up! I'm sure it's fun seeing how someone else interprets the next part of the challenge.

  2. I agree with Wendy--they're too beautiful to give away. :)