Friday, August 7, 2009


Would you look at this:
I got my
Good Ole' Summertime Mini Quilt swap
in the mail today!
It came all the way from Kodiak Island in Alaska
from Deb Christensen!
In the note I received she told me about how they
had an excellent run on red salmon and now the halibut
are hitting. The biggest catch so far has been 315 pounds
and 5' 6" from head to tail. They call them "barn doors".
I can't even imagine a FISH that big!
You can visit Deb's website here:
She has posted some really wonderful photos of
the island she lives on and has pictures of some
of the other critters that live on the land near her house.
I love reading about the different places!

I've been busy down in the studio..........
I made this journal cover for a friend of mine
who is working really hard to overcome an addiction.
She's been journaling and I thought she might like
this journal cover.

I"ve also finished up this humungeous cross-stitched quilt
for Mary.

There are 36 large squares that make up this old-fashioned
looking quilt. Mary has worked quite hard making up all of
those HAND cross-stitched squares.
I've got the quilt folded in the picture above..........
Here is a picture of the back.
It really is not a pink backing.
The flash just made the burgandy backing look pink!

I'm in the process of embroidering some shirts and I hear
the machine calling me back to change a thread color,
so OFF I go!


  1. Like the quilt you got what bright colours, the fish sound amazing. Like the cover you made and I wish your friend all the best. Hope you have a great holiday not long now.
    Big Hugs

  2. Next time you do a journal cover, call me. I want to do some of these

  3. Thanks Bec!
    Now I'm feeling pressured to get my swap quilt STARTED!

    Carole, we'll have a journal making meeting when I get back.
    They are super easy!